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10 Hottest Lob Haircut Ideas

Not too short, but not too long, the lob is the ideal choice for women who want something” in-between “. Check out these ideas super hot lob haircut

a lob with a blunt cut just below the shoulders can be a bit ‘stiff and severe, but it can quickly soften the blunt end by adding some waves sexy. Not only create some ‘female fullness, it also showcases those fascinating tan and blond highlights .

to create a brighter, summer look, consider a lighter shade of blonde. The brighter Balayage colors blend beautifully with sandy blonde locks for a very beautiful style that is enhanced flirty waves.

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Rounded-Lob-Haircut-Shoulder-Length-Hairstyles-for-Women-Subtle-Dimensional-Dalayage Blunt-Long-Lob-Hair-Cut-for-Thick-Hair-Ombre-Balayage-Hairstyles Blunt-Wavy-Lob-Haircut-Medium-Thick-Hair-Balayage-Hair-Styles Short-Bob-Haircut-with-Wavy-Hair-Ombre-Hairstyle-for-Women Straight-Long-Bob-Haircut-Blunt-Medium-Hairstyles-Blonde-Ombre-Hair-Style Asymmetrical-Wavy-Lob-Hairstyle-High-Contrast-Balayage-Highlights Balayage-Layered-Lob-Haircut-for-Thick-Hair-Thick-Hairstyles-for-Women-and-Girl Messy-Wavy-Lob-Hairstyle-Side-Back-View-Balayage-Lob-Hair-Style Ombre-Wavy-Lob-Hair-Cuts-Shoulder-Length-Hairstyles-for-Women Hottest-Long-Bob-Haircuts-Lob-Hair-Color-Ideas

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