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10 Cuts trendy bowl and styles

Cuts Bowl may have been a no-no for years, but this unique style is making a big comeback in the fashion world!Bowl are a hit among women of all ages due to their sharp charm and of course their ease. These and styles are sure to wow TE-maybe even enough to cut the locks of all

Exhaust: Very short haircut

Bowl cut is sharp with a hint of biker chic with this unique undercut . The pieces shaved under really make longer pieces on top of the star of the haircut, but leaving their rights and matted is an excellent choice to show the uniqueness of the total cut. . Definitely a style for my garde ladies out there with a lot of sassy attitude

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Platinum Buzz Drain

Fierce; there, AOS simply no other way to define this aspect. Her hairstyle boasts an ultra-sharp undercuts trendystill buzzing, with the long side swept parts thrown just above the eyes for a sexy appeal. Its striking platinum locks are loaded with attitude, only to be improved with some desirable hot lips.

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