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Ideas Funky Hair 2016

Cool funky hairstyles create a unique and impressive for girls. If you want to make your hair a bit ‘for the next year to check these ideas bold hair color in and get one for your future funky image.

There are many ways to get funky funny picture with the colors of light hair. You can try shadows featuring darker colors and pastel, or some highlights to the hair base. For a more impressive you can opt for pastel shades to give air completely new dimension to your hair. Dimensional vivid hair colors are for those who have never afraid of dramatic changes or public opinion. If you are unsure of how the particular color will work for your skin tone, use temporal hair dying or plaster, rather than permanent colors. The most popular way to have pastel shades are highlighting option. For example you can combine blonde and pink that creates elegant, yet dramatic look. Try other pastel colors like green, purple, orange with the blonde and create two contradiction impressive appearance of the hair.

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