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Hair rock 2016, here’s how to improve your look!

If you want to wear for really gritty , thus seeking to affirm clearly and net your personality, a reference to the is certainly what we want, especially if it is declined in a manner a little glam , winking on the versatility of our whole style. But how to be able to really show off the hair rock, without losing sight of its sweetness?

First, the hair rock 2016 for excellence must be sufficiently rebels. This does not mean, of course, let them neglect. Rather, it means trying to ensure their naturalness, creating fake look unkempt, and also trying to enrich their colors with colors and discolorations that can enhance the authenticity (by shatush to sweeping, the opportunities are not lacking, and we talked about it many times in recent weeks).

Make therefore sure that your hair rock 2016 are sufficiently free to express themselves, without being locked into rigid or linear foliage. A mousse to model the rough is what it takes to give a touch more aggressive finish.

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