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Green hair: lots of ideas for inspiration

hair are always feared by swimmers blondes. In fact, it is known that the chlorine content in swimming pools tends to transform the color blond hair in an ugly shade green matte.

However, the ideas of dye green their hair is not totally by reject . In fact, if done well, green hair can look really cool ! The make is to choose the tintura the right color of green.

If you are looking for some great ideas green colors for your hair, look no further! We found some of the best ideas color inspirational

1. Bright green strands of dark hair

These green strands in your hair blacks are really attractive.

 Green Hair

2. vanished from black to dark green

Idea color always beautiful

Green Hair

3. Sunburn dark green on short hair and blacks

The cut Short is an interesting aspect with these highlights dark green.

 Green Hair

4. Shades from dark green to green mint

From green to dark green mint, for a gradient effect very beautiful.

 Green hair

5. Hair bright green and blacks

If you’re looking for bright ideas of color, this green fluorescent can be for you!

 Green hair

6. Long hair fluorescent green

Like it or not, certainly will not go unnoticed!

 Green hair

7. Hair graduated emerald

Emerald is one of the ideas of capelli Green most incredible.

 Green hair

8. Hair and eyebrows from green hue lively

Idea of ​​amazing color, combined with the eyebrows colored !

 Green hair

9. Emerald hair with fringe

The fringe straight from his contribution the final effect.

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 Green hair

10. Cut with side bangs with hair dark green

A nice shade of green that fits perfectly with this side fringe .

 Green hair

11. Hair mint green

mint green is a beautiful shade! The purple lipstick is optional …

 Green hair

12. Long hair mint green

The hair mint green are fantastic on the long straight hair .

 Green hair

13. Blue hair with highlights green

Nice mix of blue hair with highlights green .

 Green hair

14. Yellow hair and green

yellow hair and fluorescent green will make shocking, but adorable, your look.

 Green hair

15. Hair lilac and light green

Half purple and half light green. As you may not like?

 Green hair

16. Purple hair and bright green

If you are looking for a luminous look, try this mix of purple hair and green dark !!!

Green hair

17. Striped hair, green and blue

all go crazy for these hair stric green and blue

 Green hair

18. Pink hair and green

For a look more female try adding the sunstroke pink to your hair green.

 Green hair

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