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21 gorgeous long Pixie Haircuts

The cut has pushed its way to the top of the popularity charts for 2015, and will continue to make a strong appearance for 2016 also; and we could not be happier! Pixie cuts are effortless cute, framing the face, creating a fun and exquisitely general, bouncy, and modern style. But if you’re nervous to completely cut the mane, consider a more pixie cut as one of their 21 shown below!

Cool colors and fringed Side Swept

What’s not to love about this haircut? With bright colors of pink, purple, and blonde, this cut in three shades is an absolute knockout. Parted at the very end and gave a flip on the tips, this style is super trendy and perfect for young girls looking for a funky and flirty ‘do with a lot of body and wave. Finish it off with some dazzling earrings and thick eye makeup, as this lovely lady here did!

longer pixie cut with long fringe - pink, yellow red

Gray Pixie

The gray hair may have been a fashion faux pas for years, but has become a must in fashion for 2016! If you’ve had your eye on this trend unique and funky, it is highly recommended to make an attempt. And while you’re add it, cut the locks down some super long pixie layers as we see here. It ‘a great choice for fine hair and thin hair and can be quickly dazzled with some dark eyes and lips

 shortcut pixie blond hair fine thin

Funky chocolate brown layers

If you’re struggling with thick hair that is simply overwhelming, a simple way to tame down and thin it out with a few layers of super-funky all shapes and sizes! This funky long layered pixie cut is nice and informal, with a gorgeous chocolate brown shade that looks nice with tanned skin

Side shaved with accentuating Brown evidence

edgy hairstyle that is sleek and sexy? It does not matter if we do it! This beautiful pixie haircut showcases a gritty side shaved, while the other half is left long and strong, easy to curling or flip back for an elegant look.

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 pixie cut with long fringe

Far Side Shave

For the girls out there who love rock and roll and prefer leather jackets and Doc Martins, here is a look for you! This looks super sharp and stylish offering a shaving the far side, which lead to long layers that are swept to the side with ease. . The great thing about this, as you can boost up with studs or make it elegant, with a tight dress and heels

 edgy long pixie cut

short light blonde Single Side Cut

First of all, let’s just say that sends a big applause at how amazing this hairstyle is. Large, romantic curls are nothing short of class and this style could be easily seen at a wedding or another occasion of fantasy. Now we come to cut :. Short side, this hairstyle is a less intense side shaved, which allows it to be funky but elegant at the same time

asymmetrical long Pixie Cut

Shorter here, there is more, and cut in every layer of length imaginable; This is what this fantastic asymmetrical long pixie cut is everything. All levels give even the thinnest blocks a fair amount of volume while remaining incredibly easy to style.

simple easy long shadows pixie cut

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