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Short hair cut 100 hairstyles to share!

But first, try to figure out if your face is suitable for a short cut, with the RULE 5.5!

Rule 5.5: why is it called so?

It’s called rule of 5.5, has to do (of course …) with math, but applied to the look. 5.5 is simply a measure, in centimeters, and need to be sure that your face is suitable for a short haircut .

The invented such Giles Robinson, Senior Stylist at John Frieda UK & amp ; Internationals. You want to try? Place a ruler under one of the two lobes and then with a pen segnaci above the ‘height of the chin. If this sign at the base of your lobe there are five and a half centimeters or less, then your face is perfect for a new short cut! If there’s more … it is said that it is not worth trying, but Think better on it.

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Other useful rules to assess whether you’d be a good short cut hair!


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