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New hair 2016: timeless styles and new trends!

The walkways and the look of the stars mark the must for this in which will see in TV talk shows and on the red carpet, as the streets, oversize lengths or, conversely, very short. Here, below, the new hair that the runways more than half the world offer us.

 new hair 2016

It is not a question of length, from very short to very long hair all the news in 2016

Whether you are affirmation of independence in the extremely short or that you feel like a romantic long, that you to collect them in order hairstyles etiquette or let soft to frame the face, your hair is a symbol of your femininity and forefinger of your personality. Free will, then, and the will of expression but also fashion and glamor.

 new hair 2016

Long? Yes, wavy and a little ‘unkempt

When choosing a direction can help the floodlights that illuminate the world of entertainment. Between sequins and spangles, long hair, strictly, beyond shoulders will naturally. Among the new 2016 prevail hair styling moved, but not too much. Do not structured in defined curls, but released in full-bodied soft waves. Disheveled style, but harmonious, that will allow even the most committed not to give up the habit of long and charm of contemporary and trendy hairstyle.

And for the short? The new hair in 2016 speak of bob, lob and wob!

And for the brave paladins of the short? Can be answered in monosyllabic acronyms, bob (helmet), lob (Long bob) a sophisticated review of the yoke in which the hair caressing the tops of your shoulders wob (wavy bob) a wavy bob and proportionately massive. Many, style icons overseas, inspire them, that feature exhibitions on social occasions. Anne Hathaway Dakota Johnsons Emma Stone Jennifer Lawrence all in love with this cut glam from colorings 60s that creates the illusion of thicker hair and bulky even for those with fine hair.

new hair 2016
 new hair 2016

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fringes and tufts: among the new hair in 2016 there will be too!

Indispensable, then, for some fringe or tuft. This season will be granted. The fringe full or very thin, very short or long until the eyebrows according to the shape of the face and the outline. The tuft, strictly along, falls laterally on the face, it can be left natural or secured with lacquer or gel products that confer a touch simple, elegant or sexy wet look.

But be careful not to overdo it The key word of next season will still volume, wavy mentioned the cotonature true that wink to the past 30 years, pulled out of the trunks of memories of our grandmothers.

The bun, and elegant

The flavor is much more modern, finally, chignons, elegant and contemporary, will feature a messy finish , chic and suitable for everyday or embellished by bright accessories to illuminate the night.

New 2016: dyes!

 new hair 2016

If you then feel the irresistible impulse to surrender to the color, it’s our time! The pastel colors such as green or mauve, pink especially declined in shades of salmon, have added a touch of madness to the heads worn during the latest fashion shows of the big names of Italian fashion, and surely make unique and unforgettable women who want to experiment. And ‘the case to say: “ Tremble, tremble … the DO are back .”



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