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Keratin Hair: new life to dry hair

This situation carries even greater difficulty in keeping them in order. But there are natural remedies? Absolutely, discover it with us. Because keratin hair comes to the rescue of many women today, in Italy and throughout the world? The problem is so widespread that today about the ninety-three percent of women are looking for solutions that give new to the hairstyles brittle and damaged .

What are the causes of brittle hair that make keratin hair an essential garrison?

keratin hair

The pace of life today, the smog of the city, the “tools” with which to settle the hair such as plates and hairdryer, dyes are just SOME of the causes that contribute to damage to our hair . The lack of time and the simultaneous need to always have your hair in order to bring us “attack them” daily increasing weakness. So, even if, when we find the time, we devote all our attention in the cure, alas their become more brittle, dull, lifeless and dry . It split ends find fertile ground to multiply.

 keratin hair

hair: it is necessary to insert between the own hair care

treatment that is possible with the healthy do it yourself, at home , while being useful to have the results immediately, very rarely manage to have a life of our liking and, already in the first wash Next, the hair that seemed so healthy and beautiful, again becoming tired and lifeless. The treatments, always absolutely natural, that you can perform in the lounge u, are, however, certainly more tenacious and lasting . Such as keratin hair, in fact.  keratin hair

The keratin hair pure, natural product

Given that our advice for treatments with keratin hair is always to trust the professionals, then to turn to our trusted hairstylist at the salon u, it is important to emphasize once that cheratina a substance is completely natural and that is already very present in our body . Wanting to go into detail, we can define the keratin as a protein-looking filamentous which is found in the residue of cysteine ​​and of all amino acids. Contains much sulfur and the structure of its cell gives stability and strength. The keratin is also one of the main elements that make up the stratum corneum of the cut and but also is a fundamental element in the cellular composition of our hair .
keratin hair

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In fact, the keratin in the composition of our hair has some differences from that of which the stratum corneum of our skin, as it contains more sulfur . A specific function of the keratin is to make waterproof the structure that contains it, or, more precisely, to help in retaining the liquid to ensure proper hydration level.

 keratin hair

As a result it is easy to understand why low levels of keratin produce a visible damage to the hair : firstly, the hair becomes drier as it is not able to maintain the same degree of hydration, and also the keratin layer also provides some protection “physical” to hair and, in the absence, the same is more subject to external attacks (atmospheric agents, smog, etc.). Here’s the hair become dry, brittle, dry and rebels . keratin hair

In the light of all this you can easily include how important it is for our keratin hair and, therefore, how important it is to reintroduce it when, for various reasons, it fails.

The benefits of the keratin hair keratin hair

All the benefits that keratin hair can make our hair is related to its action within the hair, since, as noted, a substance that is already present in the human body , in the skin and hair. keratin hair

The keratin hair moisturizes the hair and then helps to maintain the proper moisture levels in the hair itself, repairs the damage caused at smog and atmospheric agents, puts them away also from ‘ aggressiveness and dyes from the aggression of the hair dryer and hair straighteners .


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