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Hair: 10 hairstyles and cuts soft to share!

Several times on our website we focused on beauty and ease represented by hairdo: a set of styles easily appreciable, that are sure to find a worthy adoption by millions of women, even in Italy. But what will be the best hair styles gathered in the next season?

In the photo gallery we’ve got to present you today we have a fairly good example of what could happen in the near future: very attractive styles, is easily recreated and, above all, useful in order to appear in order and seductive in a few moments!

But how to proceed?

Of course, much will depend on your type of . If for example you have of curly hair and particularly wild, it is best not oppose them but, by contrast, seek to exploit them to the fullest. Your curls could become the protagonists of a beautiful crop, possibly supported by a band particularly fashionable.

If you have the hair long enough , you can also proceed to a crop on the back: the alternatives in this regard are endless, and simply apply a little care for can identify the most practical , which can translate into reality in a few moments!


If you wish to look for some hairstyle a little more complex, you can create a beautiful braided style band: in this way be able to ideally divide the volumes of your head, creating a great contrast that will not go unnoticed.

In any case, remember that the main commandment to follow when you are trying to imagine a beautiful harvest , is comfort: that is, looking to find a style that is certainly attractive, but it is also adaptable in a few moments. One of the greatest strengths of the harvest is just what could be attired in a short time, and we are confident that with these benefits the crop will become one of your top allies for life everyday !


A little nod, in closing, the importance of accessories. often use a simple accessory like a headband or a hairpin can make the difference between a look effect already seen, and looks very creative and sophisticated. Think about it the next time you cast up your hair, because with very few euro is now possible to win some good accessories to adorn your figure.

Take a look therefore to the photo gallery we prepared for you today: we confident you’ll find many useful ideas of beauty!

Hair: 10 tutorials can not miss!


All the women in this moment they laid eyes on this deepening well know how important it is to try to get the hair in place and in order , and well know as it may be essential to try to show off a ‘special and unique hairstyle.

A targeted and suitable hairstyle is in fact able to give additional beauty and thanks, romance and sensuality. By contrast, have their hair in disorder could affect long your good mood and your strength of spirit, featuring a day particularly “down”, which will lead you in a sad and depressed in the evening.

Well in order to induce you to experiment on your hair some of the in vogue at the moment, we’ve got to find and riproporvi 10 fantastic tutorial that will allow you to have a look infallible . Let us look briefly together.

The first tutorial is for a hairstyle apparently very simple, that will guarantee you a crop top very pronounced, a little vintage, and replicated in a modern and youthful .


About hairstyles vintage with a modern twist, look at this look harvest, achievable in only 5 steps starting from a common ponytail!

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Apparently more complex is the third tutorial we want to submit. Actually is a very easy crop to replicate at home and, with the help of a bit of familiarity with the pins, will ensure a successful enviable!


The fourth tutorial is instead a bit more complex than the other three. We have nevertheless tried to do, and we can assure you that after a few attempts the result will be guaranteed.


Since the winter 2014 / 2015 seems to lie well against reinterpretations of vintage look key modern, check out this fifth tutorial and tell us what you think: will envy your mother and your friends!


the sixth tutorial we go a little bit with the level of difficulty, so that – probably – you’ll need to enlist the help of a friend or a person who can make it happen for you. However, this is a look that you can splurge for special occasions, sure they do not remain indifferent.


The seventh tutorial back in pure do-it-yourself. This is a hairstyle collection very high, which probably will not be suitable to your life every day but, as just mentioned above, may be a look for a good scream at night or during the day .


Here we have one of our favorite (probably because it’s also among the easiest to recreate!). A crop a little random, that actually conceals a great attention to recreate a dynamic and youthful look.


Penultimate tutorial hairstyle really very beautiful, especially if you have wavy hair that can create some volume higher.


Finally, our tenth tutorial, very simple and effective, in order to have a look and lightweight extraordinarily seductive.




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