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Comb your hair, some ideas for the start of the year

Although a good part of women prefer to keep long hair , because convinced that only the foliage is more fluent symbol of femininity , all our readers are well aware of what we think: even the short hair (and often, especially the short hair !) are able to provide the opportunity to ride the best trends, giving refinement and aesthetic refinement that will make you stand out among friends and colleagues. But how can comb the short hair ?

Let’s by recalling that with short hair you can really indulge themselves in any change of look and hairstyle, securing a total renovation with the displacement of some simple strand, or the alternation of some tepid volume.


A good style could for example be the most retro: a style for which you will have to start from a distance (by washing) applying on short hair a balm that can help you avoid the dreaded frizz. So, after being massaged well with the towel (be careful not to touch it with your hands, is not to overdo the scrubbing with the towel, simply plugging one!) Use a mousse that can shape the crown. Do not exaggerate even with the amount of mousse: simply prelevarne little, to be applied only on the tips. While applied, modeled the strands as you wish and, finally, put upside down to dry the hair with the speaker.

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A good variation suggests very young, a few hours before washing, prepare gently massaging the skin with a little ‘of argan oil. Leave him in application on the hair for a few hours, to get the best in terms of health and shine. But if you do not have this time available, you can run for cover with a good styling product (seek advice from your hairdresser, so as not to buy products too aggressive). Now take a comb and make a beautiful line to the side, taking a model the whole. Dry your hair gently placing the hair dryer not too close (otherwise run the risk of too much stress on the hair) and the result will likely be optimal!


Also, if you prefer, you can proceed to the same initiative of washing and drying. However, for a more personal and aggressive, uncombed hair all back, making you maybe help with a styling product. The result will be a strong personality, with clear references vintage era that was!

Finally, if you want, below we have selected some hairstyles of short haircuts you can assess, in the hope that there may be support to carry out a review of your style, in view the imminent arrival of spring.

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