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5 short haircuts youth for you!

If you follow us for some time, you know that can not go a day without the pleasure of dealing with short haircuts, a our favorite lengths. So today we have the great pleasure to offer you a series of new short hair styles very , that might do the trick if you want to rejuvenate a little ‘your appearance and maybe earn a few years of age than it reveals your identity card.┬áStyles that may look simple and elegant, but at the same time ensure a sufficient appearance jaunty look like a clear element of ready rejuvenation.┬áThe cuts that you will see in a few lines can also fit a wide range of women: both those who have a beautiful oval face, and those who need to stretch or widen the shape of their face, ensuring a proper sense of balance on the length or the width of your face . As is evident from our shots today, one of the favorite styles this fall will be represented by wavy hair, which as we have had occasion to state a few weeks ago, are the right style to give a good dynamism to your head, avoiding appiattirvi with a helmet is not personalized and out.

Again, remember that in structuring your hair cut short, it is good to report that the look always needs to be tapped in synergy with the rest of the elements of your face. With short hair and delicate, in fact, his features assume greater prominence, and it is important that these elements are well proportioned, in order to avoid … the flop quite visible. In this case, a good “trick” is to stretch the cut: it is un’accortezza is often underestimated, but just as often may be the dividing line between a pleasing result and one to forget.

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Finally, remember that the size of the head and shoulders count, and how! Several times we have reported that women who are more minute and lean cuts could have excellent results with very short, but if it’s against you are very high and you have a very robust body, would be good to avoid volume too minimal to instead seek to embrace the hairstyles major and large.

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