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Red hair, a guide with the photo gallery for a better choice in 2016!

Red hair to continue be a group of tones preferred by women all over the world. Their charm and their seduction is indeed no terms of reference, and the fact that redheads may be declined in many versions but adds to the goodness of such a . Therefore, warmer and gold accents to colder and (apparently) winter, you also certainly will not do so much effort to identify the preferred option, and embrace so convinced the world of red. But what shade to choose based on the color of your complexion?


Although it is difficult to summarize in a few lines a response to a similar question, and although choosing the best color red hair also depend on the possibility to match the hue to a number of other elements style, we can not forget how the skins Mediterranean olive scales and should avoid red too bright and too light. Better instead to focus on a top choice: the red mahogany, one of the best solutions for those with skin Mediterranean. A color, tending towards brown, will certainly give the best of a rather sallow skin.


However, if the red mahogany do not like, you can use a valid and practical alternative: red cinnamon, able to create harmony sinuous and seductive to your skin.

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If you have very fair skin? In this case, you can try to adopt a red color with gloss that can enhance the natural color of your hair, and add a series of veins that may increase the goodness of your choice. For skin pink, a good alternative is also represented by the opportunity to be inspired by the red fruits typical of the season: a choice that will allow you to look stylish and perfectly … in season!

 Make-sposa- 2016-Red-Hair

Finally, if you want to know more about the possibility of identifying the right color of red hair , you We recommend you take a look at our photo : a of shots that will allow you to realize how they can be various and heterogeneous models adopted on your hair, and you will also be able to marry the right color of skin with the right shades of hair.

Of course, although it is not an irreversible choice, remember that the coloring of the foliage should be made after careful assessment: so try to talk in depth with your hairdresser, and simulate with him the various potentially final results.


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