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Make up for women who have red hair: a practical guide and 15 photos for you!

red represent a major synonyms for sensuality and charm available to women who are born with the” luck “of having a beautiful head of hair distinguished from similar shades. Since ancient times, red hair they have in fact meant an aura of mystery and attraction, and it is no coincidence that, today, red hair are often artificially sought by many girls and women of all ages.


But how you can match their hair red the right make up ? Below we have selected 15 different alternatives. Here we go.

bronze eye shadow, blush and lip strong old rose


A good choice to enhance the cheekbones . Lips are soft, married to a beautiful old rose. Consequently, the possibility of concentrating the efforts of make up especially on the upper part, the look.

eyeshadow beige, medium blush, lips terracotta


A very delicate makeup, eye shadow with reminiscent tones of beige and soft lips that recall the impression of terracotta. Great eyeliner to strengthen the power of the look.

Lips pastel pink with eye makeup almost absent


The third choice provides a trick almost absent at eye level, for concentare exaltation of seduction on the lips, which is applied to a pastel pink lip gloss.

Outline eyes well defined, with clear gloss lips


If you have blue eyes like those of the protagonist of the picture, nothing better than to enhance the look with a definition around the eyes. The clear gloss finishes it off.

Nude look


often for best results, is sufficient to reduce minimum the impact of their makeup. In this case, just a gentle eye shadow.

Smokey eyes and blush to define


The smokey eyes is an approach that has given so much satisfaction to women in the recent past, and the same could be done in 2016. In the picture that we propose, the whole is combined with a nice blush that defines the face making it more sinuous.

strawberry lips


If you choose to reduce the impact eyeshadow (in this case, almost absent) one may well indulge focusing the attention on the lip area. Strawberry lipstick can be ideal!

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Eyeshadow terracotta lipstick bright colors


If you want a make up particularly sharp and deep, you can assume the solution proposed above. The eye shadow recalls hair color proposing a beautiful terracotta tone, while the lips are marked by a strong tone and personality.

eyeshadow lilac


What’s better than a gentle eye shadow to enhance the beauty of a look like that? Surely nothing, and therefore the solution is appreciable not make up her lips to focus its efforts in the upper part of the face.

green eye shadow, lip gloss intense


Green is a color that blends better with red. Why then not give vent to their desire to make up using a bell’ombretto to enhance the look? The deep pink gloss will do the rest, giving the lips an extraordinary sensuality.

Eyeshadow amber, pink gloss


A simple trick and delicate for everyday occasions: amber eye shadow to define the look and pastel pink gloss for the lips.

Lipstick cherry


If you have eyes like Emma Stone, hardly able to apply a product that can enhance even more their strength and intensity. Better then to do something for the lips, perhaps using a lovely cherry color.

Lipstick bright red


Use a bright red lipstick is very risky, but if you refuge in a delicate make up the gamble could pay off. Seeing is believing.

Smokey eyes very defined


At the risk of sounding pandas, smokey eyes very defined could give your look the right intensity. Just do not overdo it on the lips, but merely – as in this case – to use a nude lip gloss.

Make up delicate blush on the cheekbones


We end with another trick that might be fine for every day: a make up extremely delicate, reinforced with a blush that defines the cheekbones.

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