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Highlights Ideas for Blacks Hair Color

When it comes to color hair fashion of 2016 could not forget shades of black hair. For next year, copper, some shades of colors of blonde hair and jet black will be on top of trends in hair color. Black hair color can make women look hot and sexy and also give mysterious image. But sometimes we want to break the monotony and update our hair color a bit ‘. In this case the addition of a few highlights will be the perfect solution to keep your hair color dimensional and also liven it bit ‘. Highlights can be bold or relaxed depending on personal choices. Check out these options highlighting hair blacks and choose the best match for you.

blonde highlights ideas Blacks Hair Color

Another tip for amazing hair color is dark with violet hues that will be common to 2016 trends. Super deep purple color of labor for women with a fresh complexion that have pink undertones in their skin, rather than yellow. You should pay attention to your makeup and in order not to appear strange or washed out. Make sure your eyebrows are dark and your color cosmetics to improve, rather than ruin your precious, dramatic hair color.

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Hair Highlights Ideas for Blacks Hair Color black with multicolored evidence

If you want to heat the color of dark hair, add some highlights of vibrant cherry that will be the trend for the next year. But keep in mind that not all the highlights that can work for your skin tone, so do not hesitate to discuss it with your colorist before dying your hair. Another option for fashionable color is black with shades of gray. This combination hair color work for skin tones coolest and free makeup is need for sure. The most popular shades of dark hair are blue and pink. But keep in mind that in the case of blue reflections is essential to use high quality products to add sparkle and shiny otherwise seem dull and frizzy.

If you want to create more dramatic and edgy look try pastel shades of dark hair but with asymmetrical haircut. This will create punk, funky image and will definitely stand out from the crowd. Hint of color to your black base may include purple, orange, electric blue, green highlights and even rainbow with three or more shades.


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