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Hair color, with shades of gray in tone for a look at the top!

The gray, which color hair alternative for a truly unique , we spoken several times in recent months. If you remember, on such occasions we have expressed various appreciations on gray hair , a time limited to older people who did not wish to cover the gray natural, and today a real own style alternative for those people who are looking for an approach more and more fashionable for your hair.

Well, for all women who are interested in experimenting (and re-experience), it should be noted that in 2016 the gray can be a good alternative choice between the tones less common. Therefore, a color that probably will not go for more, but that certain people, and in certain contexts, may be of great satisfaction: a color with a strong personality , which can adapt very well (thanks to all its forms) is to people who have a very clear complexion, both people have a rather more brownish complexion.


Established above, we now take a small step forward in defining the look “in” that can use just the grigio as basis. In fact, if 2015 was the year of the discovery of the gray hair which style worthy of attention, 2016 will confirm this trend, with further integration: the combination of some shades of gray and silver, silver blue and more.

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Of course, it is still not the main color, and therefore designed primarily for women who will want to experience. And, above all, for women who love to try to embrace a style that can degrade them to discover a new charm unexpected.


On , there are few women who have chosen to try this kind of coloration. From the gray gradient of blue tinge to the green water, the dyed hair more in the moment partly rely on this kind of contrasts. The important thing is, again, try to find the right balance between simplicity and sophistication exaltation, going to opt for a shade that can also enhance eye color, and can be well in line with the fruita skin color.

And what do you think? Like the color gray on your hair or you are more traditional, and therefore feel that the gray is a color to hide, being synonymous with neglect and of advancing age? Please take a look at our photo gallery today, and try to get an idea: the space of the comments is at your disposal to confront this exciting theme!

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