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Hair color, the discovery of Broux with lots of photos!

If, like us, you are always looking for shades of hair color particularly attractive and increasingly fashionable, you can not lose sight of the , a sort of cross between the brown and roux or, if you prefer, between brown and the red . A shade of color hair that will give you the copper shades, lighting up the foliage darker and beginning to produce effects of light are truly amazing, helpful to revive a little ‘duller colors during this winter.

With these features, quickly summarized in the preceding lines , the Broux can actually apply to be one of the most delicious alternatives for brunettes who want to brighten their tresses. And so, after the mix of blonde and brown, which had then produced the craze of the bronde (on which we have focused in recent months long), it seems that the fall and winter months you are in another part characterizing mania, that the Broux , confirming the fact that the union of brown and red can guarantee a new charm all’hairstyle reference.


The color Broux is therefore one of the warmer colors – in every sense! – Of the season, and the result of the combination of the two basic colors above can actually give you the great satisfaction: the objective is to get a rather warm color, starting from a base dark (brown one) and to intensify light through the notes to the nuances rouge.


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To get the best, we should concentrate on the bright shades of hair length and especially on the tips, thus leaving the root darker. The intensity of the red can vary according to taste and the effect you want to really get with this change of tone.

Unlike bronde – of whom we spoke longer in recent months – the broux seems to be more expendable by all women and, therefore, more gravo enhance all complexions.


If you have one trial, touching with hand over what we have tried to summarize, we suggest you watch the photo gallery today. We selected some shots that will allow you to get close to an impression of style, characterized by the presence of Broux on your hair .


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