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Hair color, a better choice or a more traditional alternative?

The of hair color on the basis of their face is tremendously difficult, which often consists of failed attempts to “empty” and sudden second thoughts. But is it really possible to route a reasonable choice, without errors? And most importantly, it is still better to rely on a choice or we are entitled to opt for a choice of style?

Since the spring is approaching, what we can recommend is to first change the color thinking about the spring landscape and His warm colors. The women who already have a tone of light hair may opt for a beautiful honey Copper Light brown, blending everything with warm shades that recall the season’s trends. A choice that will do for women who have a fair complexion, with warm eyes or dark.


Of course, the relationship between the spring and the warm tones need not be unique, too forced and obliged. Nothing will stop it, especially with the approach of summer, to play with nice contrasts with the cool tones. For instance the ash blonde or platinum, to gray hair, and so on.

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For women who prefer to stay for a while ‘anchored to the autumn and winter, you can think of the exploitation of some of the top colors, such as brown or red, ocher and colors of the earth. The important thing is, again, that the hair we recalls the warm reflections, they can get married with the eye color .


Finally, as regards the possibility of adopting the new colors in vogue in recent years, such as blue, pink or green, much is remitted to your preferences, your personality and an ability to actually marry a similar style” eccentric “in a … sufficiently tolerant! A good starting point would be to limit yourself to color with a new hue a lock or a lock of hair: in this way you can well appreciate your tresses, with a habit of aesthetics certainly attractive, but without changing radically your look.

We leave you now with a new photo gallery alternating tones traditional, revised in a modern way, and tones extravagant and eccentric. Inside It is unlikely to be able to meet all your needs of potential change of hair coloring and, above all, that you manage to get some ideas of reasoning and of valuation in order to make your hair an enviable weapon of seduction!


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