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Hair blacks: all shades of black

To soften the contrast in blacks and color complexion , to make sure that the two colors can better harmonize with each other , hair blacks can be enlivened by the presence of reflexes , or with a particular effect as can be one shatush or even sunburn to get the effects more natural, or with a very colorful toccolo decided how it can be a hair chalk .

Hair blacks

Reflections colored hair blacks Hair blacks

The black, as is known, is one of the deeper colors , therefore few are reflections that can put emphasis on it: the viola, alternative “particular” to a mahogany color, red  can also be achieved with henna, and that goes well with the colors of bases brown, and also blue  that is obtained with a dye or a product highlighters.

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Shots of sun hair blacks Hair blacks

If you want the highlights are clearly visible on the hair blacks is sometimes necessary to resort to the read schiariture . The of mechès are always harmonized with those of the foundations. E ‘can, for example, a lightening copper or bronde , but only if the base color itself has tinges of mahogany or red.

Shatush hair blacks Hair blacks

Why should not it be possible to have one shatush hair blacks ? For the shade, however, be kept in mind the same considerations for sunburn: we avoid too sharp a break if we want to avoid that the results are too unnatural .

Hair chalk

Hair blacks

When you have the hair blacks then you can indulge with this methodology, the “ hair chalk “, so-called” colored chalk “, in all their” crazy tint “, being able to to experiment with every nuance of the rainbow, passing from blue to pink and yellow to green .

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