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Color “crazy”: which to choose in 2016?

Do you love color traditional hair, or you like to venture a little ‘more, especially with the approach of spring and summer ? Whatever your tendency in terms of fashion hair, is no doubt that the use of eccentric hairdo and fluorescent colors is one of the trends of the moment, and that experience colors “” and extravagant may be the right way to defeat the last greyness of winter.


Of course, the use of color a little ‘more eccentric as those that we show in this and other photo gallery on the theme, not for all: we must be lucky enough to have a hair versatile, able to allow more easily finish and the chance to experience different cuts. You also need to live and work in a context that does not see the bad eye over this trial: an office environment particularly hard could it not like a whimsical look …


That said, if you have the freedom and the desire to experiment, you can give the following pennellate color crossing lengths or out of the root or extension, can create conflicts chromatic especially welcome. You can also try to experiment with volumes vintage rather extreme, or geometric constructions strong (although our preference is always to look as much as possible for a natural and spontaneous).

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Among the many options in this regard, why not try a nice crop elegant? “Contrast” with an eccentric color scheme might give you a chic look from the soul, but with clear evidence rock. A nice solution spirited and full of personality, you might also enrich the use of fringes, tufts & amp; co. In this regard, remember that the color “crazy” can be applied not only throughout the hair, as well – and even in a more cool – on individual clumps and strands of hair.

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Of course, as already mentioned in the preceding lines, and even remember how many times in the course of further investigation, also seek to find the happy medium between the preference of using an eccentric style, niche and can make you stand out over the others, and the need to respect some stylistic canon that could afford not look too out of place.

We leave you now with a new gallery with many ideas color nice and charming. Browse the gallery of photographs with particular greed, and let us know if you found inside one or more styles that you could replicate!

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