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Brown hair? The brown is for all!

The brown really gives all , and, to make it original and glam, just modulate the nuances. Because of its versatility meets with success the natural tones of the earth, as well as the autumn red sensual, and equally blond honey or caramel.

For this reason, girls , if you fancy brown hair because you know the saying: “men love blondes, but marry the blackberries” or simply because you feel the desire to experiment, look for your a warmer color then here are some tips to choose the right shade that enhances your complexion and color of your eyes.

 Brown Hair

The chocolate that is not fattening.

Her brown hair can be declined in a tonalità tending to chocolate brown , much loved by the famous Penelope Cruz.  Brown Hair

This gives an intense look, and certainly it helps make poignant interpretations that the actress did not separates almost never in private life as in the cinema, if not for script requirements.

the brown meets the red.

coppery brown is certainly synonymous with seduction , any color that only hints at the passion red, evoking images and tickles you want.

Brown Hair

In the meeting with brown hair, red is softened but not losing its own connotation. Establish the right balance of doses is yours .

Based on your taste and your characteristics modererete red in favor of brown or vice versa.

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Brown Hair

Brown and Blonde hair not to miss out on anything!

How to talk about brown hair without calling into question the innovative coloring techniques giving a renewed luster to the hair, a bit ‘off and graying. To name three of the most popular: the shatush , the sweeping and degradè .

Hair Brown

the origins of shatush are to be found in the sixties, a period in which it becomes a way of coloring the very popular hair salons in New York Hollywood and the most prominent and fashionable. The famous hair stylist Aldo Coppola has dusted off later success, success that this season is preserved unchanged. If the discoloration according to shatush method leads to a sharper aesthetic result in sweeping becomes sweet.

 Brown hair

The hair using this technique are lightened a mode and a similar effect to that of the sun during the summer season. Far more natural to the eye is the reflection thus obtained, and very pleasant and the shine that gives hair. The finally degradè is a technique that involves the decoloration and the subsequent recovery of tone of some strands of hair , that more strands that given their subtlety could define almost filaments.

 Brown Hair E ‘a job that requires great skill. The play of color must be skilled to make the light effect you want and not run the risk of having a hair streaks and definitely out of fashion.

Brown Hair

So, girls, are the reflections but watch the pro!

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