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20 cuts of hair with streaks of color!

The guidelines regarding fashion hair for 2016 it was very clear: the haircuts of this season must never invoke concepts of flattening on a single tone, or excessive homogeneity. Better instead to give vent to their creativity, as this can also be translated in the application of styles staining and discolouration that hoard , of color and more.


So, if you plan to review your look in 2016 just begun, but still have not decided what will be the trend that might follow, a good place to start is certainly represented by the confirmation of the same denomination, but with the imposition of some lock colored that can simultaneously enable you to ride the fashions of the moment and, at the same time, take away some whim to test some coloration “eccentric” than usual.


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streaks of color are in fact one ahead opportunity to try to embrace a tone trend, but without involving the entire head of hair. It can indeed proceed with the staining of one or more strands, adopting a tone of the last fashion but, at the same time, avoiding that the whole appear too visible. Therefore, a cross between the desire to change and confirmation of the style, which can well be appreciated by all the women, and those who love the excesses and the periodic renewals, and those that have a more shy and cautious, want to put only some partial revision of their look.


To confirm the above, we were able to outline, we now have the pleasure to offer you many pictures of colored hair on individual strands: so you will realize how easy it is to renew your look, achieving a desired effect on the foliage of great modernity. An effect that will be however more discreet than a far more widespread and consistent color, and that can easily be “modified” or “removed” if you’re more convinced of the choice made.

You will also account , observing our photo gallery today, that possibility remittances pertaining to your imagination are limitless. Pastel tones to brighter hues, there is no color that can be effectively adopted in the current season, and can not, therefore, be married with conviction by all women in our reading. We wish you a good consultation of our gallery of shots today, and try to lead you to a good reflection on the possible change of look: what color you are going to embrace in the coming days?

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