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You lose your hair? 10 reasons you should consider

There are some behaviors, but also the experiences that we have lived, which can attack the hair health more than we can think. Here you know the causes can help us not to repeat certain errors and then to safeguard us from hair loss, even out of season!

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  1. You have experienced a trauma, even a few months ago? One bogey, but also the loss of a loved one or a sorrow can seriously affect the health of hair. Search so be careful if you’re prone to hypersensitivity, avoid dangerous situations and attended only people you trust and with whom you feel comfortable, your hair will thank you!
  2. Take too much vitamin A? Vitamin A is essential for the body, but may not be very useful for your hair if taken too profusely. Attention, therefore, to the foods that contain a lot, such as eggs, dairy products, but also vegetables such as cabbage family.
  3. Take enough protein? The hair loss can result from a protein deficiency, why bother to supplement your diet with lean meats and fish, and also taking vegetable proteins coming from legumes.
  4. Do you feel stressed? If the answer yes we’ve already found the cause of hair loss. The skin, when the body and mind are stressed, suffers so amazing and so the circle that appears atrophied. As a result the hair does not breathe and simply fall. To remedy you can try to breathe calmly, maybe water sports that relax or yoga, that strengthens the body and mind away stress.
  5. Do you suffer from hypothyroidism? can be a cause hair loss. In this case you should point this out to the specialist care that your thyroid that can balance the dose of any medication or change it.
  6. You have iron deficiency? Anemia occurs also with the fall of the hair. If you think you are lacking in this view you can choose to run blood tests and then supplement your diet with products based on iron, even a few times a year.
  7. You are just back from a very restrictive diet? The weight loss is often accompanied by hair loss, since the fiber may have been weaker. Pay attention to food, gradually add carbohydrates that are pure food for the hair and tries to integrate the supply with targeted products, maybe with caffeine or keratin.
  8. l ‘ polycystic ovaries? Although it may seem strange, the polycystic ovaries leads to hair loss. If you’re not sure ask the next gynecological examination completing a fix for the problem.
  9. simply mistreat your hair with straightening and curling every day? Be careful, since the hair fiber can be weakened if these treatments are prolonged over time. Then tries to protect the hair with styling products of excellent quality and not overdo folds!
  10. Wash your hair too? If you wash your hair too often risks to weaken and then this could be the cause of the fall. Search not need to wash and uses fortifying products that help you not only to gently wash the hair but can promote the microcirculation and stimulate regrowth.
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