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Weekend Obsessions: Red, White and Blue

The beauty of the world, like the universe, is increasing. With so many products available so much hype around each individual can be difficult knowing it, was really worth buying.

This is where I come in. As a beauty editor, is to test part of my work, to die and best in makeup Latest, skin care, hair care and perfumes, a every one I day-SO know was out there, and because my standards for excellent product quality amazing High Sindh, I know what’s good. So each week, I will be a light to die extraordinary beauty products, I die CURRENTLY with-and indeed I think she’ll love possessed to shine.

For those who are in the US 4th July is a special occasion: a chance to have a few days off additional to freedom and all that America was a great power celebrate. Is was also closer to obsession topic list this weekend advertise? Here are my favorite five are red, white and blue beauty products; Happy Fourth, everyone!

 best blue mascara Weekend Obsessions: Red, White and Blue

Lancome Mascara Grandiose in Sapphire, $ 32.

In a world in blue mascara can often look a little on the young side, Lancome provides a Overall fun, but yet chic, royal blue option, my life die better each time I make to wear. Not only does the angled rod and dense bristles plastic brush make simple dies in the application, but die formula is long-lasting and truly, honestly gorgeous. More of an intense indigo as a neon blue, Is Sapphire me the darkness did my Pale eyelashes, taken together with a hint of color fun, I want to die. Even better, it lasts all day, no matter how hot it is

 best blue eyeliner Weekend Obsessions: Red, White and Blue

Make Up For Ever Aqua Matic Pencil in Iridescent Electric , 22 $

, I do not always love eyeshadow pencils, But This Make Up For Ever waterproof / smudge resistance / Lifeproof BABD guys have changed my mind. This is not only a beautiful bright blue color, but it really is waterproof: I’ve swum in the ocean with this on my eyes, and it looks flawless sit. Can be mixed and buildable, is my favorite way to wear it as a thick or sharp slightly sparkling blue cat’s eye. Because the best part? It is built with a pencil sharpener in the base, so that they always die super-sharp point. Amazing.

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 best red lipstick Weekend Obsessions: Red, White and Blue

Tom Ford Matte Lip Color in Ruby Rush 50 $

I know that. fifty US dollars for a lipstick? Is she crazy? Readers, loving, perfect lipstick This is wrong, I will not need to be right … it’s by far the best matt lipstick, Whom I have ever worn. Insanely high impact color in a rich, convenient formula that never fades or springs, this lipstick easily lasts a full 12-hour period (and by meals) without a touch-up. Plus, Rubin hurry Maybe the perfect red in the history of the world, coaxing a variety of skin tones with its bright, warm red. It’s perfect, and I guess my tube strongly

best cool red lipstick Weekend Obsessions: Red, White and Blue

Kat Von D studded Kiss Lipstick in Hellbent $ 21

If you ONE. Cooler prefer deep red could be dying Kat Von D shade for you. A rich, slightly pink-toned purple, this organic lipstick satiny, durable and absolutely flattering skin tones for all. It feels creamy and moisturizing to my lips, and takes a good four hours before she needs a touch-up. By the way, I love die stylish black knobs case so much that I this to be stacked lipsticks to my apartment as a decor. Form and function; How could we love more?

 best white eyeliner Weekend Obsessions: Red, White and Blue

Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner in Alpine $ 20.

I fell in love with a white eyeliner back in my ballet days; Along the water pipes of the eyes with white makes instantly view your peepers look large, light and less red. But the search for a hard-liner enough to. Against my allergies prone eyes … well, that was a big challenge Enter this Smudge sticks by Stila. The perfect combination of blendable and smudge resistance when this liner sets, it stays. If you have been looking to bring a white eyeliner in your life, dying is undoubtedly the product that you would like to use.



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