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We discover 10 beneficial ingredients in hair care

Often we do not know what these are actually, so we decided to group the 15 most used and to explain the virtues.

Aloe Vera


The aloe vera is called, in fact, aloe barbadensis and is a plant extract that comes from a succulent plant very beautiful and easy to grow even in our homes. The functions of this plant are based on the contribution of moisture, so the action infinitely moisturizing gel that is contained on the pulp plant.

The apricot kernel

kernel of apricot

The core of pulpy fruit apricot contains precious unsaturated fat to help in particular to disentangle and nourish dry hair and regulate the hair fiber rich and crisp. Not surprisingly, this product is used in cosmetic creations usually reserved for women with Afro hair.


We often hear of carnitine but we do not know what it is. Carnitine is a carboxylic acid content in animal tissues and in some plants. Its function is similar to that of vitamins, which is based on the property to give strength and vigor to the hair thin, and to protect them against loss.


The ceramides are lipids, or fats that fill the spaces left empty by the dehydration and the shredding of the hair, which takes place in the outer cuticle. Ceramides are then used to replenish the hair and replenish naturally these sections damaged and missing.



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Ginseng is a root of origin Asian stimulates the scalp and helps counteract the incidents of breakage and split ends.



The jojoba oil is extracted from the pint-rich vegetable waxes that are very well tolerated by the human body. The jojoba softens the skin, soothes the inflamed scalp and eases brushing. For this reason, jojoba oil can be used to make wraps naturally, but also as a valuable ingredient in balms and creams restructuring.


Keratin is a component fundamental and natural hair. It is the main protein that creates their structure, for which a loss or a reduction of this protein in the hair fiber results in a general weakening of the health of the foliage. Keratin can be synthesized and then is added to many products such as shampoos and conditioners dedicated to damaged hair.



We all know caffeine, the active substance in coffee. A cosmetic purposes, this important principle helps to revitalize the scalp, for which is used in the preparation of cosmetic toning and dedicated to combat hair loss. Caffeine stimulates, in fact, the microcirculation and thus allows the rebirth of new hair.


As the keratin, collagen is also naturally found in tissues and human hair. Its function in cosmetics lies in bringing a film on the surface of the hair and then protect them from the aggression of the styling tools and from the outside weather.


As the oil jojoba, macadamia oil also proves to be a valuable ally of hair health and beauty. This product is extracted from the nuts of the homonymous tree and remedial effects on dry, damaged hair and split ends on.

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