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Wavy hair without plate: 3 DIY methods!

One of the positive aspects of the warm seasons is that we increase the desire to take care of us . This also helps the mildness of the temperature, especially for care of our hair . For example, we can have our beautiful hair piastra .

the summer season, the best to take care of hair: get wavy hair without plate

the good weather and the heat are indeed two perfect elements to help in the regeneration of our hair , being able to get wavy hair without plate or iron. If not entirely, at least to a large extent. wavy hair without plate

Sun and salt: two helpers to get wavy hair without plate

The hair looking a bit ‘wild are very relevant to the summer , and in particular one of the most beautiful effect and “in tune” with the summer is that of onde generally the salt and the sun “give” to our hairstyles . wavy hair without plate

Wavy : because only the sea?

The question, however, arises: why not wear these always moved, even when we’re in town? it can be done: in particular, there are three , I guarantee you, work fine . Using them will limit much (or will eliminate entirely) the use of “artificial heat”, the “hot tools”, in short, the plate or iron, getting certainly a nice “thank you” from your hair this winter. In fact, as you know, the plates and the irons are certainly not sensitive tools to health of our hair and risk weakening of sfibrarli and also to induce the birth of doppie tips . So VIVA wavy hair without plate !

 wavy hair without plate


This method, the twisted, is the most Simple to get wavy hair without piastrae, moreover, produces a ” natural waves “which reflect in every way those that naturally the sun and salt bring us to the beach . Here’s how:

Hair moved without plate

We start with the wash and dry your hair (slightly moistened leaving);

We separate our hair into two distinct portions;

(for those who have straight hair) We apply a little ‘foam by wavy hair;

We carry a huge twisted with each of the two separate the first portions, and stringiamolo strongly;

We set the two hanks with the use of hairpins;

pass them, first one and then the other, on top of head, as if they were circles;

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Blocchiamoli other on the head with hairpins;

We wait two hours (or, if we make the evening shampoo, even the morning after), the melt two hanks and … here is the long-awaited wave!

 wavy hair without plate

Small recommendation : if your hair is very lisci or do not maintain the fold longer, we use a little bit of fixative .


This system may stretches a little ‘lead times , producing, however, a best result.

  1. Sistemiamoci a band on the head;
  2. divide the hair into several strands that will be rolled, well-combed around the band.
  3. We wait at least two hours and we dissolve all strands: the undulations will be very soft and volute quite wide. If we deem it necessary we can spray a little ‘fixative spray.


Yes, it is true, here plate is used, but in a very low .

  1. nebulize it on the hair a bit ‘of that product that protects it from the intense heat;
  2. We provide the usual division of the hair into sections that will wrap in the above hanks and then “pass the plate”;

If we consider it useful, we fix the hair with a little ‘of lacquer spray.  wavy hair without plate

are you happy? You want to try? Come on, come on, camera shake is trendy, and have wavy hair without plate will only do well with our hairstyles!  wavy hair without plate  wavy hair without plate  virgin-wavy-hair- weave_lrg
wavy -hair






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