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Tips to apply the lacquer in the right way

Forget the sticky products of the past years, as the latest generation spray offer compositions read, little perfumed and voted to respect the way fund health and beauty hair. Who loves can then choose between nutritious products, little or much staring, free of debris and especially environmentally friendly.


lacquer asks, however, to be applied in the way to provide the most of its functions fixative.

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Let’s see together how to use this product for optimal results.

  1. hair lacquers of last generation avoid that the strands of hair sticking between them. For this reason it is important to keep the package at least 30 centimeters away from your hair and shake the bottle frequently to allow ingredients to conform and to be sprayed evenly on the hair.
  2. the package must remain clean, especially the pouring spout. Let’s make sure that it is not obstructed and puliamolo frequently, otherwise will be released only a sticky liquid!
  3. to get the most volume is ideal spray lacquer with hair down. Once you raised his head, you can the product starting from the roots and then combing the hair with your fingers.
  4. The lacquer applied to the helmet can get fantastic results and an estate from the Arabian Nights. Just pick up hair and spray from top to bottom, and then dropping the hair naturally.
  5. attention to alcohol: each lacquer contains, so women who have problems sensitivity to the skin can apply this product only on the lengths to not irritate the scalp.
  6. hairspray can help oily hair, as long as they are not used formulas super sparkling which may weigh down the shiny effect Hair fat. Better to use a normal hairspray and spray it with moderation. The slight intake of dry elements helps make hair greasy and less fat then offers pleasant aesthetics combined with impeccable styling.
  7. hair sprays can be used to define so flawless eyebrows. You should never spray the product directly on the eyebrows, but on the hands, and then spend some ‘of product on this area of ​​the face. The result? Clean and perfectly defined eyebrows!

As we have noted, the lacquer can be used to fix , give volume and to define any kind of hairstyle. It ‘important not to abuse this product, as it is still of elements that tend to clog the hair in the name of the fastener. In the evening, when you return from work or from the commitments, it is ideal to brush your hair with care, to remove residual, or make a good shampoo that cleans the hair and leaves them free to breathe.

As regards quantity, a couple of spurts are more than enough, unless you want to give life to hairstyles very special, asking to be kept structured and rigid for a long time. These are exceptional events, the use of lacquer may be more abundant in these cases, but it should be limited in all other occasions, because the hair deserve to be left free as possible to breathe and shine on his own.

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