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Short Wavy Formal Hairstyle

This hair style has been cut with uniform layers around the sides and back to give the style a bit of twist. The top layers arecut unevenly to give some texture and complete the look.

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This is how it’s done:
Take a little sculpture lotion into your hand and apply it evenly throughout the hair. Sculpture lotion is an alternative to mousse, and gives the hair volume when blow-drying.Tilt your head forward, run your fingers through, and scrunch as you go, until it’s dry. Take a small amount of moulding cream into your hand, starting about halfway down, pinch and drag the hair in a downward motion and then flick the ends out. Apply some moulding cream to your fingertips, then rub it into your roots and while doing this lift the strands to give the hair some body. For stronghold use a small amount of Lacquer.

Short Wavy Formal Hairstyle
Short Wavy

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