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Short Straight Alternative Hairstyle

This multi-coloured hairstyle is cut short and close to the head on the sides and gets longer towards the top, it has been given a rough cut to give the style texture.

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This is how it’s done:
Take some moulding cream onto your fingertips and then pull it through the ends of your hair in a downward action his will give it a textured look.Again use a small amount of moulding cream, this time work it through the mid-lengths to the ends in a downward movements. Pinch the ends as you go sparingly to give the style more texture and movement. After that apply moulding cream to your fingertips once again and then pinch small clumps of hair in an up and forward movement. Try pinching the clumps in different directions to give it a messier look. As a finishing touch, apply a little amount of hairspray.

Short Straight Alternative Hairstyle
Short Straight

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