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How to Choose the Best Hair Color for your skin tone

Always one has to take into account your skin color, eye color and lifestyle if it is not about trends to choosing the hair color. Make sure that you in order to obtain the desired color and make sure it fits your personal style have time. A good rule of thumb is to stay within your natural color, AEOS shadow area and pay courtesy to your skin . Thus you, Äôre obliged to choose the right color to skin sentient to increase your face and complement your section.

hair color for your skin

 Hair Colors for Your Skin

It is very easy to make your skin tone determine. The easiest way to do this is to check your veins by standing somewhere with plenty of natural light. Watch your wrists, and if your veins look green, then your skin tone is warm, and if you look more blue, then your undertone is cool. If you have difficulty in determining your skin color by clicking to find your veins, then you should try the color paper test. For the purpose of you need to go, red, yellow, white, silver, green and blue. Thereafter, each piece of paper next to keep your face and if your skin looks better with the white, silver, green and blue, then your undertone is cool. But if your skin looks better with the yellow and red, then your tone is warm. Some point are to receive hair color for your skin to the right.

Fair Warm Tone

 Fair Warm skin tone
If there is a lot of gold and yellow in your skin tone, then shun Ashy shades They, Äôll just wash out, Enrich your skin, AEOS natural glow with a rich brown or golden and honey variation. Honey is the superlative hair color for your skin.

medium cool tones

 Medium cool tones You should
off color that is too red to stay, but you just can not go on the hard red for Auburn. Try a deep, dark brown or ash toned instead which is one of the best hair colors for your skin.

Olive cool tones

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 Olive cool tones
you want about lightening the hair or adding too much to avoid a yellow undertone. An ombre looks, if you want to go lighter. Ombre really works, because the gold tones are held at the ends, so the brunette color can frame the face and flatter skin, AEOS tone., AEU colors like chestnut or cinnamon brown tones work well with this skin tone. This is awesome hair color for your skin.

Olive Warm skin tones

 Olive Warm skin tones
If you have a natural tan on the skin, it avoids light and remain in the dark color palette. Dark brown hair look more natural and accentuate your features.

Dark warm skin tones

 Dark warm skin tones
darker skin fits perfectly with chestnut hair color and deep maroon shades go. For swing glances use deep red hair color for your skin.

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