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Hair in the sea? Here’s how to protect them properly!

Sea and Beach like to many people. Yet, just as many people who do not know how dangerous it can be to expose their hair to the sun, wind and salt spray, without taking proper precautions. To confirm it, says the magazine Io Donna, the Corriere della Sera, is a recent research carried out by Study Center Guam , according to which 10% of respondents in a sample of a thousand women between 18 and 50 years of age, has admitted to being worried about losing a substantial part of their foliage during the holidays by the sea.

In fact, experts say, the risk of falling is quite limited. It is not limited the risk of impoverishment, dryness, discoloration. For this reason, during the summer season the protective measures should be calibrated mainly based on the action lightener that the sun’s rays have on hair color, especially if they are dyed, and the desiccant, with desiccation of the lipid layer (such as chlorine).

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So, better get closer to the summer with a suitcase full of oils, emulsions, gels, sprays and lotions, choosing only the best to themselves from filters anti – UV, to be applied before, during and after the sessions to the sea! Not only under the sun the hair more vulnerable are those thin and blond, so that even the cosmetic protection is not sufficient to replenish the defense capabilities reduced the dearth of melanin: better then wearing hats made from soft, lightweight or scarf cotton.


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