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Avoiding Split Ends | How to Get Rid of Split Ends

| How to Get Rid of Split – Fragmented ends happen when a mop constituent ruptures lengthwise because the shielding cuticle becomes damaged and allows internal hair strands to affray. The hair ends divide is usually about 2-3 centimeters long and ends get left looking feathering a lighter color compared with other surrounding hair. Fragmented ends are usually instigated by corporeal and biological strain to hair. Avoiding certain conjoint locks mistakes can avoid fragmented ends or at least defer their onset and strictness.

Avoiding Split EndsHere we are presenting certain tips to avoid fragmented ends and protect the beauty of your locks.

  1. Hair doctors suggest that only remedy to divided hairs is trimming. Working on the concept of prevention is better than cure you must avoid split ends at first place.
  2. Wet hairs are most vulnerable to damage. Do not brush or comb wet hair. Don’t brush hair when it’s wet.
  3. Do not overuse hair styling products like hair dryers, straightening irons, crimps, crimping irons and warm curlers.
  4. Always use a natural-bristle brush that should not pull on tresses. Pulled tresses are ultimately broken off triggering a probable fragmented end.
  5. Exposure to direct sun light damages your tresses. To avoid direct sun light wear a hat to diminish the sun damage.
  6. Use a sun screen to protect your hair. As an easy way you may use shampoos that has sun screen as major constituent.
  7. There are many split hair repair products are available on drug stores. It actually manages the stray look of your hair.
  8. Keeping in view these tips you may have a better hair protection.

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