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Women and 30 years: the truth that no one tells you

I thought my life would be drastically changed once made eighteen and instead I found that the changes come quite a bit ‘after. And not all are, well, nice.


I’ve waited eighteen quivering with impatience, thinking that everything would change and that finally I would be out of that adolescent phase made neither meat nor fish but of chips.

I thought I would become a woman all at once but … well, I got my license, I was signing justifications to school and I went to vote. For the rest, all the same! Skin fishing, sit hard, he was on breast alone, and all the joy to slip anything that was so well anyway.


And then instead came the thirty and even there I hoped it would be like eighteen, that nothing would change. But when you become thirties, things change, you mature it is true, but do you remember an overripe pear? And then the habits become different and they happen to start believing in miracles.

 face creams miraculous


The perfume is for many the store where to buy the perfume, lipstick or a gift for someone you love. But when you are out of the thirty , the perfume becomes a place of faith to kneel and ask recovery from wrinkles .

Because if in Naples have the urn with blood San Gennaro, Sephora have thousands of jars containing fluids magical and haunting, that promise eternal youth. But the woman of thirty is scrupulous and will then go for hours reading forums to find out which brand has finally invented cream that slows the aging at least two days thanks to the slime of snails or sperm cicadas in love.

So if a time just enough cream, now we will be in the bathroom the entire department creams perfume: the anti wrinkle cream for the day, as is the protection fifty the sun, the sebum regulator for the days before and during the cycle, around the eyes, serum for the night, the cream for the day and just two or three different face masks. Why wrinkles are always around the corner. You just have to find out which.

 hyaluronic acid


Once Google was used to look for new places to make a drink, the photo of a celebrity cellulite or at least the latest collection of Prada bags.

thirty years using Google is busier and attentive to new technologies. The thirty year old woman in fact googlerà like there was no tomorrow only conditions such as: hyaluronic acid, oxygen therapy, liposuction and comecavolobloccoiltempo .

Why come to a certain point the creams will not be enough and more You will obtain and use a little ‘more strong. Because life is even harder to thirty years: the work, maybe some son or yet another failed romance but thirty is hard to swallow. Of course choose the right treatment after consulting at least ten forum.

 woman under umbrella

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The woman of thirty love the sun , but like all relationships that are observed, there must always be the rules well precise and a lot of problems.

The precautions are never too many, and the umbrella will become the natural extension of the woman, along with the hat and the protection 50 + it will carefully smeared half an hour before sun exposure. Sbufferà every ten minutes to the hot (despite being in the shadow) and will set the timer on the phone to replace the cream every two hours.

Why does the tan cafona and therefore better bianchitudine which moreover defends new wrinkles and the sunspots (another plague that afflicts women once made thirty) .Then will put his shirt dress, sandal jewel in the company of the beloved umbrella will return home where will collapse on the couch even had done the marathon.

 woman in the gym


Thirty years after a woman goes to the gym like Demi Moore ready to train with the Marines. Monday Zumba to burn fat accumulated over the weekend. Tuesday Cross fit to burn fat accumulated during adolescence. Gag on Wednesday for firming, toning and raise what gravity wants to push down. On Thursday Pilates to stretch your muscles and try to earn that half a millimeter high. Yoga on Friday to start the weekend at peace and relaxed.

Of course everything to the Virgin so that there is also relaxation area where you can stop on a Saturday morning. The choice of the gym came again thanks to the consultation of precious forum.

 women and diet


It ‘s true that in life you never stop learning and that the woman of thirty knows. Indeed, there are arguments that she loves to deepen in the name of knowledge but also of survival, such as metabolism .

Because if in twenty years it took was a day of fasting to lose one kilo (two if it was due to heartbreak), now is a bit ‘more complicated. all try not to put on weight: diet Dunkan, the Mediterranean, the dissociated and the fast course. Ingerirà also tapeworm if necessary but just one gram of extra dough (dropped for distraction) to let her take a pound and will start to wonder if it is true that even the air makes you fat. It will consult to find an answer forum.

 woman inflates like a balloon


Thirty years after the woman will come to Saturday exhausted from a week of work in the office and at home. It will put the dress longer has to hide cellulite and you will look good from adhesions that will put on display any swelling (do not understand why but the woman of thirty is always swollen: for the cycle, the heat or stress).

It will go to make a drink with friends and just drink a cocktail because full of calories and will come home at eleven because it will have to devote half an hour to remove the make-up that otherwise the skin ages and another half hour to spread the anti-aging serum, cream acting rejuvenation and eye. Finally a look at a forum to see if it is better to sleep on their side or supine. And then you know, that if after thirty years if you sleep eight hours, dark circles will be a guarantee.

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