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V-gap Caviar Manicure with Nail Douglas: Nail Art Tutorial

You’re probably wondering: what does it mean V-gap ? The name of this comes from the intersection of two nail art manicure, or the V-gap Art and caviar manicure .

This It is certainly the best known, or the nail art effect caviar, easy to implement with the kits sold in all perfumeries. Less known is the V-Gap manicure born on the web depopulated sites of beauty and then get on the hands of fashion addicted always attentive to the latest trends. If you want to know all the secrets of this manicure, how to achieve it and where did you read the article How to make the V-Gap .

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For this Nail Art I wanted then to realize the basic design of a V-gap and then embellish it with balls of caviar to obtain a sober but original.


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