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Tropical Nail Art: Step by Step Tutorial

You’re on vacation and you want to show off a nail art tropical dream ? Follow the advice of our top Artist Alessandra Marchesi and creates a manicure incredible in a few easy steps!

Summer is the best time to play with colors and show off manicure imaginative and original , preferably themed summer, just as the beautiful tropical Nail Art that we propose in this article!

The Nail Art created by the expert Nail Artist Milan, but Londoner by adoption, Alessandra Marchesi there is a dip in the most magical landscapes, with beautiful soft colors, a color palette that is from electric blue to fuchsia through yellow and orange.

To find out how to make this nail art summer 2015? Follow tutorial step by step created for us by Alessandra and you will not regret!

 nail art tropical alessandra Marquis beautydea


STEP ONE : We start with a base suitable for the type of nail .

STEP TWO : Using 4 colors, in particular pale yellow, light orange, purple fluorescent and deep blue mixed shades that give us the warm and fascinating shades of sunset , and a makeup sponge to perform the gradient. We repeat this application several times, overlapping colors, until the ‘ desired intensity.

COUNCIL APPLICATION FOR PERFECT : It’ useful moisten the sponge before using it, in this way we will avoid this come apart, leaving little bits on the nail, they may stick and go to ruin our nail art tropical summer 2015.

 nail art step by step long nails

nail art gradient effect beautydea

 tutorial manicure nuanced with sponge

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STEP THREE : We apply the purple fluorescent on the left middle finger and the deep blue Right on the index.

 nail art tutorial nuanced

STEP FOUR : With a dark gray acrylic color we paint then the trunk Palm and add the leaves.

 tutorial nail art sponged

STEP FIVE : We use a slightly lighter gray to add light touches here and there : This tinge of color will give the manicure look more realistic and three-dimensional .

tutoril nal art beautydea

STEP SIX : With a glaze by thin brush ‘striper’ glitter platinum to draw follow the vertical lines on the remaining nails. Using the same dark gray acrylic applied preedentemente and a fine brush trace of thin lines alongside those platinum;

tutorial nail art step by step

STEP SEVEN : We conclude then our nail art summer 2015 by drawing a rounded line effect french on nails painted in shades of purple and blue, and then set to shine and do our work with a top coat protective extra shiny.

 nail art tropical alessandra Marquis

Like the tropical Nail Art for the summer? Let us know if the tropical theme you like: us crazy, like us crazy style of Alexandra, whom we thank for this beautiful work!


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