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Shoes Liu Jo Fall Winter 2015 2016: Photo

Are you ready to face the coming season? Your wardrobe is in turmoil? And as you made shoes ? If you are still looking for some love at first sight, do not miss the new Liu Jo collection autumn

Brand now super famous and beloved, Liu Jo is really a big name in the panorama of the fashion , and nowadays it exports all over the world quality, class and innovation Italian . Founded in 1995 and based in Carpi, he started his career by applying to the sector baby , but widened rapidly also to the shoes , to bags and accessories.


The line of footwear that Liu Jo has thought for the cold season meets a little ‘all the canons of the autumn winter collections : dominates the Black , especially with regard to the models more elegant and classical ones. Shiny leather, contrasting inserts and rhinestone are the winners chosen details, as well as zip and the golden effect.

Liu Jo shoes fur

are more colorful and cheerful, the sneakers Liu Jo , also lit by rhinestones and metallic fabrics, to which are added the prints animal and lace.

Let’s find out in detail this new collection with all the photo catalog!


Among the most elegant designer Liu Jo, one of the recurring features is the use of the zip to view, that as well as having a utility becomes decorative. Beautiful, for example, the logs blacks in nappa, pointy, high-heeled middle and stitching. In the inside the golden lightning creates a nice contrast, also supported by the small button closure.

Liu Jo blacks ankle zipper

Here are two alternative versions of logs blacks Liu Jo, where the zip He remains the undisputed star, along with the tassel, very fabric used in the collection. To the left of the black shoes echo the character of the rock chic pattern seen at the beginning, however, they remain lower ankle. The blacks boots instead have the same height but the opening flash front.

Talking about stylish shoes, which look beautiful sandals blacks paint, with ankle strap and studs jewel applied on the tip and on the string. The stiletto heel is high enough, and the foot remains very open. To the right of the version burgundy is ideal for fall!

Liu Jo heeled shoes fall winter 2015 2016

Inevitable for the winter, the blacks boots Liu Jo are very high, they come above the knee, and alternate parts soft shiny leather with a suede back (price of 305.00 euros). Again, the exposed zip embellishes the final effect.

LiuJo boots blacks

A classic touch and masculine in the black shoes with laces that we see on the left. The cleat and the insert effect python contrast with the sobriety of the model. Even in blacks suede boots Liu Jo is a python clutch, which acts as a border to the elastic band side (cost € 225.00).

I decided and super feminine, the two blacks boots at the bottom are high-heeled and tassel. The model has the sole of the left tank and buckle with logo (for sale at 199.00 euros), the right one is smoother, with visible stitching.

Liu Jo boots blacks

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Delicious also blacks boots nappa leather with inserts elastic fabric that form a beautiful geometric design. Again the model is high above the knee, with square heel and important (available at € 309.00).

Tall boots Liu Jo


The sole tank combines the three models we see in ‘ image. Very particular the beige boots clear at the top with the back of the ankle and discovered buckle decorated with applications. Are suede, like beige boots below, illuminated by side rhinestones and iridescent fabric ankle height.

The lacing boots mountain is the detail to note in brown boots Liu Jo we see to the right, metallic leather with suede inserts, and high-heeled wooden effect: super original!

Liu Jo boots

We discover now four models really special! The proposals above are very similar in form and color, a golden brown effect worn completely original! Both golden shoes Liu Jo also have a rubber sole effect dirty. The model on the left is characterized by laces, while the right ends with the buckle.

Below, the patent leather shoes with fabric inserts. The model incorporates the shapes of sneakers left ankle high, and it is in black paint with colored geometric pattern to make a base. The rubber sole is black. The model on the right is the lowest, with white soles with studs like.

Shoes Liu Jo Fall Winter 2015 2016


Speaking of sneakers, looking for a clear pattern and super bright? Here are the white sneakers with rhinestones Liu Jo! The design style All Star is padded and soft inside, while the outside plays with crosses in imitation and parts covered with diamonds.

Liu Jo sneakers with rhinestones

If you like the animal, take a moment to look good for these proposals. At the top, the sneakers spotted with profiles and Velcro tabs silver, yellow and blue versions. Below we show the sneakers spotted Liu Jo with the same characteristics, but without Velcro, replaced by classic laces.

Shoes leopard Liu Jo

If you prefer to stay more on classic, but without sacrificing color, here is the green sneakers and red sneakers Liu Jo! Are in technical fabric with suede inserts tonal, with back ankle, laces and a contrasting sole.

For those who want to romance even with the sneakers, are perfect sneakers lace Liu Jo, also in soft fabric coated with metallic detail on the heel.

Liu Jo sneakers

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