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Orly BB Creams Nail: polish leveling

If you speak to BB Cream is thought to make up, but in this case no.

revolutionizes the world of nail products, offering, for the first time a BB Cream nail is called “BB Creme Orly”.


The purpose of the enamel BB Cream Orly is to tune , light and uniform nails, making them beautiful and healthy in a natural .

 orly bb cream enamel


How do we know the manufacturer, enamel standardized Orly is the first treatment for natural nails designed to act just like a BB Facial creams : improves the appearance of the nail to produce a uniform natural color, off the surface and making it perfectly smooth, firm and bright, thanks to a special mix of waxes enlightening and lightening effect.

The new treatment for nails Orly is also helpful to hydrate nails , protect from UV rays and, thanks to ‘ ascorbic acid antioxidant, according to the brand, the protects against free radicals and aging.

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Of note is the presence of Glass microspheres that according Orly provide a durable finish, chipping and scratch-proof, for a final score of natural nails, healthy, bright, absolutely perfect.

 leveling polish bb orly


using Orly BB ? The brand specializes in nail products recommended to apply one or two layers enamel uniform finish, depending on the desired coverage, the bare nails . For a optimal use it is also not advisable to use together with other products or as basecoat or topcoat enamel.

 bb cream enamel orly


The BB Cream Orly nail polish is available for purchase on the online shop official Orly as well as in Orly Vip Center. To find the one nearest to your home please see the store locator on Orly. Its price? 26,20 euros for a bottle of 18 ml.

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