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Nude makeup for blue eyes: Tutorial

Lightweight and stylish , the nude is always perfect. In particular we offer a natural look is ideal for highlighting blue or, more generally, light .

This is a makeup ideal for day . A simple look that brightens the eyes, perfect for going to work, to go out with friends, but also to go to school or college.


The nude makeup is very simple and chic, can emphasize iris color in a sophisticated and elegant.

To accomplish this trick I have blue eyes focused on sober colors as the neutral brown , super faded, then going to accentuate the look firmly with a beautiful line of eyeliner and white pencil inside eye, which as you surely remember, opens his eyes, making the eyes optically bigger and brighter.

make clear eyes


You want to see in detail how I created this look eyes natural ideal for light eyes? Follow video tutorial where you can all steps and replicate to play the trick on you or on your friends!


To create this trick, as you may have seen in the video tutorial , the steps required are not many. After applying a neutral base for eye shadow can make eyelid homogeneous, it is necessary to draw a eye shadow light beige opaque on the entire eyelid.

Following emphasizing the crease of the eye with a neutral brown color, in excellent give intensity and definition to the eye in a gentle way.

 make-up blue eyes

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In order for the eye makeup can be the most natural and nuanced , but still has a nice intensity and light, you also need to darken the hairline of the lashes with a brown eyeshadow darker.

It ‘important to take care of to blend it well to the outside, creating a kind of delicate V external that joins the shade of the fold. In that way the eye is emphasized at best.

 nude makeup blue eyes

To make the flawless look is de rigueur then framing the eyes with a beautiful line of black eyeliner , well stretched out: the ‘ effect’ eyes cat ‘ is guaranteed! To conclude then you should make a generous dose of black mascara lengthening , avoiding to leave anyway to exceed the look fresh and bright.

The touch in addition, as mentioned earlier, is given by the white pencil lying in the inner rim of the eye: opens the look and makes it beautiful and bright , do not you too?

 eyeliner perfect

To balance the best make-up nude for light eyes, you can opt for a lipstick opaque liquid old rose paired with a blush bright in tone, or dare with more intense colors, such as red or fuchsia , depending on the occasion!

The old pink is a good choice for those who want to make the lips more fleshy, sensual , but in a natural, in perfect agreement with make up eyes, that is extremely versatile and suitable for both day and evening, as well as for the formal occasions!

 kat von d lolita liquid lipstick matte

Do you like this proposal neutral makeup for blue eyes and light ? Let us know what you think leaving a comment!

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