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Nabla Butterfly Valley eyeshadows and lipsticks: review, swatches

Magic colors and magnetic for a style fairy is , the new makeup collection , which includes eye shadows and lipsticks full of charm.

If the collection Genesis the cosmetics Roman had us spellbound with shades intense and ‘creamy’ , with Butterfly Valley amazes us playing with texture and subtle stratificabili , designed to create look modern and romantic, inspired by the beating of butterfly wings slightly more colorful.


As mentioned Nabla Butterfly Valley includes 8 eyeshadows, six of which shimmer and Duochrome and two dull, and two lipsticks from velvety matte finish , which take the successful concept of lipsticks Diva Crime , recently launched on the market.

You want to see up close the collection , description of each product and make-up look? Read on this article!

 butterfly valley nabla cosmetics

 nabla eyeshadows cosmetics

 nabla butterfly valley


Eight nuance played on cool and warm tones make up this collection, which at first glance could remember more sinuous and enveloping colors of rather than those flashy summer, but immediately winning for the a dreamy, fairy-tale style.

At the heart of Butterfly Valley are In fact, once the graceful power of nature , which envelops the senses and releases its beauty through waffles colored eyeshadow simply magical, that today we are happy to offer you with swatches and personal opinions about .

 nabla libery six strawberry


Unrestricted is the first eyeshadows Duochrome series, special because in it contains myriad reflections that change color from burgundy to brown passing for gold and tiny multicolored shades.

Nabla defines this nuance ‘jewel’ and looking at the wafer shine you can not help but be d ‘ According to the young brand. The pigmentation of this product is great, as the shading.

Of all the proposed eye shadows this is definitely the most intense magnetic is ideal for creating colorful and eclectic look that smoky intense with Unrestricted protagonist over the entire eyelid.

 nabla Unrestricted


Clementine is a tangerine, true to its name and its eclectic spirit . This eyeshadow has a subtle texture that makes it particularly suitable for illuminate an especially and unusual the inner corner of the eye.

Infusion shimmer of gold color makes it wearable despite the unusual nuance, but I think it can give its best on medium to dark skin.

As mentioned above, the texture of Clementine is thin, why it is necessary stratificarlo if you want to obtain a saturated whole eyelid, definitely beautiful.

nabla clementines


Here we have Babylon, the perfect blend of blue and green oil . Again we are faced with a very subtle eye shadow texture, ideal for layering with other products, such as colored bases.

His reflexes are valuable and fascinating , and is particularly suitable for create smoky colored bases with black, blue or green according to taste. Its semi-transparent texture makes the eyeshadow fit neatly under merging with it, creating infinite shades of color.

nabla babylon


Pegasus is instead an eye shadow that can be defined very simply as ‘magic’ . Impalpable and semi-transparent, is a unique product, useful to turn every nuance with its touch of lilac-golden sensational.

If at first glance the color ‘ candy ‘can be frightening, once laid on the lid, preferably with your fingertips, released intense brightness gold with a light lilac reflection.

Great inside corner, Pegasus is the perfect ally for a make up fast, but not trivial able to open his eyes. Also, you delicious cheekbones as enlightening : the effect is intense and very visible, so if you do not like the look garish we kindly invite you to try it (because it is really worth!), With the ‘ foresight to shadow them in a light with a brush duofibre not regret it.

 nabla pegasus


Wild Side is a warm brown instead of line soft matte is ideal for create shades and give the three-dimensional look. The pigmentation of this eye shadow is not greatest, but just as explained by Nabla, is ideal for blending the best colors more ‘important’ without creating patches of color, for a flawless result.

It is a universal nuance, every woman should have in her beauty case, just because look emphasizes going to give character to neutral colors like can ‘soften’ and make more portable ones very intense and special.

 nabla wild side


The second soft matte eyeshadows collection Nabla Butterfly Valley Peach Velvet, a peach opaque pastel . Again we are faced with an eye shadow from the light pigmentation , but equipped with good shading.

Its nuances hot and clear heats pleasantly also make up more ice, giving softness and a touch of romance to any look.

nabla peach velvet


A color definitely more intense Moonrise, reported by the manufacturer as eyeshadow ideal to give three-dimensionality to the eye.

If at first Nabla Moonrise appears as a gunmetal gray with violet , applying it on the eyelid is a real triumph of reflexes. It ‘a color very elegant and refined , that despite the dark tones tends to illuminate gracefully away. Again the shading is very good.

 nabla moonrise


Lilac Wonder is a color Duochrome light and romantic with shades ranging from lilac to blue. The finish is semi-transparent, then again to get a result is saturated needed overlap with another eye shadow or stratificarlo properly.

It lends itself very well as illuminating for color ‘inner corner of the eye, to give a touch of light icy gaze , and is the natural companion of Moonrise, to create great smoky class.

 nabla lilac wonder

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Here are the swatches eyeshadows Nabla Butterfly Valley: in the first image you see them at the direct light , while in the following you can see the diffused natural light . This way you can appreciate the intensity of the color and the spectacular effect reflexes , although needless to say: steal some flashes in photography is virtually impossible!

 swatches nabla butterfly valley

 eyeshadow swatches nabla butterfly valley


The beauty of Nabla Butterfly Valley does not end with just the shadows, but to dream with the two variants matte lipsticks designed to accompany the look romantic and fairy of this makeup collection.

The two shades in this case are called Beverly and Balkis . The first is an raspberry pastel , while the second is a color ‘pink hazel’, a bare modern (definitely inspired by the 90s though!) From neutral undertone, that goes well with all skin tones.

As it was for the series of lipsticks Diva Crime, with these lipstick was love at first sight : the writing is simple and pleasant , the release of perfect color , as well as durability on the lips.

nabla beverly Balkis

The lipsticks Nabla they wear it with ease for several hours without having to resort to grueling tweaks. They resist it even snacks, soft drinks, coffee and light lunches.

The great advantage of these products is in the lips’ matt velvety , which is absolutely beautiful and trendy, combined with a light texture that adheres to the lips without weighing them down.


Here’s a closer swatches of the lipsticks Nabla Beverly and Balkis: one pass the color is full and intense .

In addition, unlike the finding reported by some blogger friends, these lipsticks (at least on the lips of those who write) not spiumano and remain perfectly in place during the hours also without the help of a lip pencil in tone or pencil to serve as a transparent barrier, such as Ghost , always Nabla Cosmetics.

 swatches nabla lipsticks butterfly valley


red chic portable , elegant and sophisticated but not ‘challenging’, really for all!

 nabla cosmetics beverly

nabla cosmetics beverly

NABLA Balkis

Look 90s sophisticated : a bare brown well balanced that best interprets the style trendy for the summer 2015.

 nabla cosmetics Balkis

 nabla cosmetics Balkis


With respect to the quality of the ingredients and the incidence, keep in mind that the products Nabla Cosmetics have a natural formula, without silicones, petrolatum, parabens, pegs, phthalates and EDTA , in addition to being Cruelty Free , therefore not tested on animals and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

 liberty six pallets nabla cosmetics

 eyeshadow nabla moonrise

lilac eyeshadow wonder nabla

nabla butterfly valley lipstick


For the best interpretation of the collection Butterfly Valley summer 2015, we have created a look intense but nevertheless portable .

After you apply a base for eye shadow, Clementine has been applied on the upper eyelid, and then be faded in the crease and outer corner with Unrestricted. The same eyeshadow Duochrome is also useful to define and darken the hairline of the upper lashes.

look nabla cosmetics butterfly valley

In order to better blend the colors in the crease of the eye we then applied a mix of the two matte eye shadows Velvet Peach and Wild Side.

The extra touch to the look is given by Lilac Wonder to root of the shaded lower lashes, that forms a sort of V out and Pegasus inside corner, shaded also Clementine in the first part of the eye.

Complete makeup abundant The Film Noir Mascara , with the passage of months has thickened considerably giving looks much more intense and dramatic from those shown in the past, a veil of ‘eyeshadow Nabla Pegasus on cheekbones, cupid’s bow and bridge of the nose as a lighting and of course the amazing lipstick Beverly on the lips.


Prices eyeshadows and lipsticks Nabla Butterfly Valley are similar to previous releases of the brand. The cost of eye shadows mono version is € 7.90 , while the pods are perfect for inclusion in the palette customizable Twelve Liberty or Six € 6.50 . The lipsticks cost instead 12,90 € each.

make up nabla summer 2015

At the launch of this collection, up to 19 July 2015 products in the collection Nabla are discounted with a 15% off on all items. In this way, eye shadows mono cost € 6.72 , while the mono cost € 5.53 and lipsticks 10,96 Euros.

In addition, the shipping costs for orders greater than or equal to 19 euro are discounted by 50%!

 nabla cosmetics butterfly valley


The products are available for purchase on the Nabla Nabla Cosmetics and many Organic perfume throughout Italy.

lipsticks nabla butterfly valley

We inspired the collection Nabla Cosmetics Butterfly Valley ? Have you already purchased any of these products or are you going to do? Favorite eye shadows or lipsticks? Discuss together in the comments!

We hope with our review to have you inspired to find the fairy look for summer 2015 that is right for you! Let us know what you think!

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