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MyBeautyBox with Cellublue, Matt, Mavala, Equilibra Clinodent, Euphutos, Anberries Patilles, Amica

Let’s find out My Beauty Box Summer Beauty Friends enclosing interesting products designed Cellublue, Clinodent, , , Mavala, Equilibra Anberries and Amica

The box contains well 7 products in all format Small Size to accompany us in these days of sun, the sea or mountains. It is a box with everything you need to take with us during the holidays!

my beauty box July 2015

You are curious to discover the products of this box? Let’s see them in detail!

CELLUBLUE – cupping Cellulite (Full Size: 40 g – € 18.90)

An innovative cup designed to disappear cellulite . The shape of this cup allows you to reproduce the same movements of the massage “palpate-roll” to combat cellulite and orange peel skin.

With its suction system , CelluBlue to activate the lipolysis , which is the removal of fat from fat cells, in addition to activating and optimizing the blood and lymphatic circulation.
CelluBlue can be used on all types of cellulite , whatever its origin: the combined, fat, fibrous or humoral. The company recommends a daily use for 3-4 weeks , before you can see some change.

cup cellulite cellublue  cup cellulite cellublue

Cellublue is a French brand became famous thanks to this cup. For more information visit the website www.cellublue.com

MATT – AgeActiv Cleansing Wipes (Full Size: 25 wipes – € 4.48)

Wipes in extra fabric soft : they are able to remove all traces of makeup and impurities from the skin.

Thanks to hyaluronic acid, aloe and almond oil, moisturize the skin. They are particularly suitable for mature skins .

 cleansing wipes matt

cleansing wipes matt

Matt is a trademark of A & amp; D SpA Group Food and Dietary which offers a wide range of products ranging from food supplements, herbal products and treatments for face and body. For more information visit their website: www.matt.it

MAVALA – Huile cuticule (Small: 5 ml – Full Size: 10 ml – € 13.80)

Oil Cuticle that softens cuticles , leaving the nails smooth and clean. Ideal especially for those who tend to have dry skin because it nourishes.

 mavala cuticle oil

MAVALA – Minicolors (Full Size: 5 ml – € 5.90) ​​

mini nail polish bright green, perfect to take in the beauty on vacation

This is a professional polish of high quality. Remains intact for 5/6 days if applied with a good base and sealed with a top coat.

green enamel mavala

Mavala is a Swiss company known in the professional beauty industry for the wide range of products dedicated to the nail care and hand . Mavala is present throughout Italy in the best perfumeries and pharmacies with cosmetics department. Find more information on the website www.mavalaitalia.com

BALANCING – Aloe Whitening Toothpaste (Full Size: 75 g – € 3.60)

Toothpaste without saccharin-based Aloe Vera can naturally whiten teeth . Menthol leaves the mouth and breath fresh light. It ‘a great toothpaste that prevents stains and yellowing.

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 toothpaste equilibria

CLINODENT – Toothbrush and Pop Cult ( Full Size: 5 g – € 3.90)

Toothbrush anti-plaque quality with medium bristles from blunt acting gently on the gums. The rounded head allows you to clean deep.

 clinodent toothbrush

Two products dedicated to dental care in mini size, comfortable and practical to carry with you!

EUPHYTOS – Repair Bi-Phase Dry Hair Complex (Full Size: 200 ml – € 12.50)

Spray biphasic hair weak and brittle based Dry Hair Complex, a complex of herbal Mediterranean origin that combines the properties of lemon, greek hay, melon and lime extract.

Since the first application, the hair becomes more full-bodied, soft and nourished. Perfect after a day of sun and sea for maintaining perfect hair.

 hair spray two phasic

Euphytos is a trademark of Specchiasol , a leading manufacturer of phyto and natural cosmetics. To learn more, please visit the website www.euphytos.com

ANBERRIES PASTILLES – Blackcurrant and glycerin (1 package – € 4.95)

Candy historical purposes curative targeted the throat and voice. Have many antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and soothing properties.

 candy blackcurrant


Exclusively for My Beauty Box Amica pays homage to a clutch which is on newsstands with the August issue. Ideal to take in the beach bag or travel beauty case! Also inside there is also a discount for the purchase of the Bamboo Bag on newsstands soon.

clutch friend

 clutch friend


In this special box, in addition to the discount 1 Euro for shopping Bag friend , is a coupon to get a discount of 15 Euro on a minimum charge of 65 euros on the website Made. com .

 coupons my beauty box

In the box there is also a voucher to reserve cleaning Helpling . The coupon entitles you to receive 10 Euro discount on the first three bookings Housekeeping Home Helpling.it using the discount code MBB.



subscription only costs € 14.00 per month 5 products that are offered can be in mini or full size. And ‘possible to buy the box even after some time, there is a useful online shop that allows you to take advantage of offers often sell

Also , the friends Beautydea will enjoy special discounts for signing up for the service: by entering it during the time of signing the code BLOG20 you will get the instant rebate of 20% subscriptions semi and Annual , and you will receive a discount of 2 EUR subscriptions Monthly .

Do you like this box? Have you ever tried the service MyBeautyBox? Tell us what you think by leaving a comment!

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