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Makeup and Hairstyling romantic ceremony: Tutorial

Ceremonies coming? You have not chosen the make up to match your dress and you do not know what hairstyle accomplish? Then follow my video tutorial on how to recreate a romantic and hair look perfect for a wedding !

I propose a solution to show off if you are invited to a wedding , but also to a baptism, confirmation, communion, or other occasions where you want to look perfect, realizing for themselves makeup and hairstyle hair.


A little ‘fairy and fairytale. To make this I chose soft shades of rose and purple iridescent and shimmering, illuminating the face and soften the features.

In the video below you can see all the steps and find out how I made the whole look.


Let’s see all the steps!

Start my make-up ceremonial defining eyes with ‘ eyeliner Pupart 001 Pupa Milano, an eye pencil Carbon I made of the final part of the eye and then blended with a soft bristle brush.

To be precise and give the effect ‘eye stretched’, I helped with a little bit of tape .

 Make Romantic Ceremony

To create a slight shadow that will better define the eye, drawing a half moon with ‘ shadow stick Pupa Made to Last 006 in brown tones , starting from the outer corner of the eye inward. I recommend fade once the product because it dries very quickly and you risk creating a spot of color on the eyelid.

Based in part I apply the cream brown matte eyeshadow duo Color Sphere 208 Kiko to make more homogeneous the shade in the crease of the eye.

And now we add the color! Also from the same line of eye shadows Kiko (n. 210), spread a wonderful deep purple on the outer eyelid, while the inner corner of the eye using the wisteria in the combined purple and apply wet to enhance even more the pearly reflections This bright color.

 Make-up Romantic

 Eye Shadow Kiko, black pencil Pupa

medium brown eyeshadow Kiko Color Sphere 207 redefine the outer part of the eye, while further enlighten the inside corner with a tone silver full of glittering specks (Kiko Color Sphere 213).

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The final touch to the eye makeup, the ‘ black eyeliner intense Vamp! Professional Liner of Pupa light beige eye shadow stick Pupa Made to Last 003 lying in the inner rim of the eye. Obviously can not miss a generous dose of Mascara , the famous Pupa Vamp and false eyelashes to increase the dramatic effect.

Let us now turn the make-up face ! lighting I chose Flash Mulac Cosmetics , the brand La Cindina; cream, white and ultra bright, knocks him down on the cheekbones, bridge of the nose and on the bow of Cupid. blush instead opt for the Golden Touch Highlighter 001 summer collection Coral Island Pupa.

 Make-up Ceremony

Mulac enlightening

The star of lip makeup is the new matte lipstick Pupa of the line I’m – Matt Lip Fluid in the color 012, a delicious shades fishing . To embellish the whole I added a pinch of Crystal Glaze Gloss from the collection Mac created in collaboration with fashion designer Giambattista Valli; a gloss by holographic reflections can give a different light every lipstick. Et voila our makeup romantic ceremony is over!


Once completed our makeup, we just have to take care of the hairdo. I opted for a hair look super simple and fast , you can recreate with ease. For a special occasion like a wedding or ceremony I created the soft waves on the lengths that guarantee always romantic and effect of the past.

 Look Hair Ceremony

Leaving two tufts on the front, creating a perfect frame for your face, comb my hair with a brush wood and gather them in a baby grand with an elastic very end. Then divide into two sections, the upper part of the hair and I spend the little tail into the slot that I formed with the fingers, creating nearly two small torchon.

 Hairstyling Hair Romantica

embellish the hairstyle with a clip that will be point light and I drop the rest of the hair on his back getting an almost princely look.

 Combing Hair Ceremony

To learn more eyeshadows stick and eyeliner Pupa read our review product eyes Pupa Milan, while the passionate of matte lipsticks can not stand up to the photos and swatches of I’M Matt Lip Fluid Pupa.

What do you think of my makeup tutorials romantic wedding ? Did you like the combination of colors I used? Obviously I chose the nuances in harmony with my dress and my complexion, but for example if you’re complexion olive scales may opt for tones on brown, amber and Gold , preferably in pendant with the dress!

This makeup is good both for those who have light eyes (blue or green) both girls with dark eyes (blacks or brown) and in tutorials show you precisely the effect you get is of brown eyes blue eyes on (using colored lenses). I recommend this look even if you are attending as bridesmaids to the bride’s side or as a best man!


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