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KIKO Midnight Siren, make-up collection autumn 2015

Kiko Milan never tires after the recent release of the line Romantic Rebel the Italian cosmetics company has Midnight Siren , the new for fall .

Kiko Midnight Siren

Who would not want to be a sensual siren from the mysterious and haunting beauty? The collection Kiko Midnight Siren play on these aspects, characterized by bright make-up products in the Color of Night .

Petrol blue, green Emerald and opalescent silver contrast with the delicate glow of the pearl : the skin is fresh and radiant, the magnetic eyes surrounded by eyebrows defined, while the lips are full and sensual, underscored by matte lipstick .

 Midnight Siren Kiko Milano

Let’s find out the whole line Midnight Siren Kiko with all the photos and prices!


Earth illuminating Kiko for a radiant complexion and a soft focus effect and natural light. The three shades in the wafer give the face a effect “sun-kissed skin” long life, thanks to the special technology in “liquid powder” , which combines the functionality of a cream with the ease of application and the comfort of a powder.

 Kiko midnight siren bronzer

Precious product packaging face of the collection Midnight Siren: stylish cosmetic bag ball with interior mirror, recalling the Tahitian pearls , with their reflections light changing.

The lands Kiko are available in two colors :
01 Radiating Honey

 bronzer Kiko autumn 2015

02 Irresistible Sienna .

 bronzer Kiko autumn 2015


The brightness of the face is further accentuated with illuminating cream Kiko: facial products that enhance the radiance of the skin thanks to micronized pigments and pearly precious which, once laid, they are transformed into a rich powder that adheres well to the skin. They too are in line Midnight Siren in two shades:
01 Twilight Gold , delicate gold

 illuminating Kiko midnight siren

02 Alluring Sand , fishing.

 midnight siren Kiko highlighter


For a magnetic eyes, Kiko has the Moon Shadow , new eye shadow stick long held. Once applied on the eyelid, give an immediate fresh feeling data specially formulated with a high percentage of water. In addition, the texture is ultra smooth skin tight and extremely blendable, perfect for the smoky eyes wet

moon shadow Kiko milan

The Moon Shadow Kiko Milan are available in four shades:
01 Glamour Gold , gold cold;
02 Mysterious Chocolate , brown bronze;
03 Attractive Plum , eggplant;
04 Glistening Turquoise , teal.  eye shadows stick Kiko 2015

DARK TIDE EYELINER (price 7.90 Euros)

The eyes are underlined by the new Eyeliner Kiko Dark Tide : eye pencils super pigmented wax formulation which, according to the cosmetics company in Milan, in contact with skin heat melts, giving a precise line, no transfer and waterproof .

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 dark eyeliner tide Kiko

The Dark Tide Eyeliner for fall 2015 are declined in six colors:
01 Hypnotic Teal , teal;
02 Tempting Violet , dark purple;
03 Intriguing Blue , ultramarine;
04 Magnificent Burgundy , very dark burgundy;
05 Darkness Brown , coffee;
06 Black , intense black.

 Kiko eyeliner pencils


The eyebrows are the frame of the look: Kiko knows for 2015 and offers the newest matitioni duo designed redefine and brighten the brow . The mine thinner and opaque allows a precise definition of the eyebrows, while the tip illuminating enhances the archway with lights beaming.

 PENCIL duo eyebrows Kiko

The PENCIL double Shape & amp; Shimmer Kiko are available in three colors , to better adapt to the different colors of skin and hair.

PENCIL duo Kiko eyebrows

MATTE LIPSTICK MUSE (price 6.90 Euros)

One of the must-haves of the fall collection Kiko Cosmetics are definitely liquid lipsticks from matte finish . The creamy texture on the lips becomes a velvety light veil of color, from pure release and immediate results for a super intense and polished to long-term .

 muses matte lipstick Kiko

Muse Matte Lipstick Kiko are declined in six spectacular shades:
01 Plushy Rose , delicate pink;
02 Embellished Peony , intense pink flesh;
03 Enthrall Pink , cyclamen;
04 Gaudy Red , bright red;
05 Haughty Mauve , rose mallow intense
06 Luxury Sangria , burgundy.

 opaque liquid lipsticks Kiko


A delicious kabuki brush enriches the collection Kiko Midnight Siren: ideal for applying and blending the powders face, this makeup brush ensures a smooth effect and without spots. And then, how not to notice the wonderful handle ball and clutch coupled decorated with studs black? Absolutely to collect!

 kabuki Kiko midnight siren


To complete the limited edition collection Kiko Cosmetics, the Milanese brand offers the Moonlight Oil Serum , an exclusive oil moisturizing facial and revitalizing to use in the evening before bedtime. A very interesting product, which combines the action of an anti-aging serum deep hydration of oil: in it we find a complex of natural oils that helps to counteract the signs of aging, the ‘ camelina oil sheen to that helps increase skin elasticity, and Vitamin E that helps to improve the brightness of the skin.

 face serum Kiko


With the Midnight collection Siren Kiko us It offers a make up complete , perfect for the cold season: the intense gaze and magnetic is accentuated by shades of teal and gold cold, while lips are full and sensual with a touch of bright pink lipstick.

 trick Kiko autumn 2015

 trick Kiko autumn 2015

 trick Kiko autumn 2015


The new collection Kiko Midnight Siren is already on sale on the brand cosmetic in Milan, a make-up days will arrive in stores throughout Italy!

Do you like the new makeup line Kiko ? Which product attracts you most? Let us know what you think!

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