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Imperial Fall Winter 2015 2016: Photo Collection

If the coming months are looking to enrich the wardrobe with clothes trendy and very contemporary look to the clothing fall winter ! The dark atmosphere and magic of ‘ nordic setting backdrop to the campaign images of this line, offering proposals sophisticated, elegant, but also young and trendy!

Imperial , a brand of excellence in the Italian was born in 1978, bases its creations of forms and essential materials, addressing the women who love to experiment and add quirky touches to their outfits, with a chic and metropolitan .


As mentioned, the context from which the line is inspired Nordic, they come from many of geometry and design in the models. The colors are typically dark and intense some touch of light comes by reds and yellows, but always in muted shades.

Imperial Collection autumn winter clothes

Imperial Collection fall winter 2015 2016

Materials Prince of Wales and houndstooth give it a rigorous and masculine proposals, often supported by large volumes and oversized. All this, of course, without sacrificing the femininity .

Clothing Imperial autumn winter

Imperial autumn winter 2015 2016

Are you ready to find out the proposals for the autumn-winter season? That’s all the photo of the new catalog Imperial!


We talked about models masculine, oversized and Nordic reasons, right? In the image below we find all the elements! There’s also a vintage feel, definitely trendy, the white shirt and light that we see on the left, with bell sleeves and ruffles front. I love the neckline with a lace. In combination, a pair of pants blacks Imperial very wide, at the palace, with two side buttons.

At the center, the gray dress in wool Draped at the level of the skirt, V-neck and high waist. The white shirt classic adds a rigorous.

Beautiful gray cloak Imperial, wool, with lapels and a button to close. The fund is asymmetrical.

Imperial clothing fall winter 2015 2016

Charming and again very Nordic style, the white dress Imperial is lightweight and comfortable, with short sleeves slightly puffed on his shoulder, round neckline and pleated skirt bottom curled. The same pattern is present in the white top at the center, neck outlined in black, paired with a cardigan with micro printing geometric in shades of red, and a pair of yellow pants Imperial, mustard, model bowed.

Sexy and austere at the same time, the red dress Imperial consists of a top-style shirt, with high collar and sleeves with buttoned placket. The skirt is very wide and draped, asymmetrical hemline with much shorter than before.

Imperial autumn winter 2015 2016

Another beautiful dress in a shade similar, this is red dress rust without sleeveless, V-neck deep stopped by a central band. The flared skirt up to mid-calf.

Imperial red long dress

Among the many coats proposed’ll notice the black coat Imperial, Oversized according to the trend of the whole line. It ‘really large, with neck important, three-quarter sleeves and double lacing. In the image it is worn with a pair of pants leg Imperial, but with yellow geometric design all over.

We find the bell sleeves in orange shirt Print fiorata, huge and very delicate, both at the level of tissues that as visual impact. The collar and longer back are the original touches. And ‘it combined with pants blacks soft, with horse slightly lowered and narrow bottom.

Imperial black coat

Among the most special of the collection is undoubtedly the big plaid coat Imperial, in a fantasy style Prince of Wales, with a silhouette very screwed. The wide lapels create a decollete neckline V, the lacing is double.

Imperial coat long plaid

Simple and very exploitable, the black mesh has clean lines and extremely large, it is easy to match, especially for an easy look like in the picture, with the white skirt and black in textured fabric, a high waist and pleated.

The gray top in the middle is neutral and highly versatile, the design is clean, with sleeves cut down alive and not regular. And ‘combined with pants blacks we met earlier.

Even the Prince of Wales, this time for the gray trousers Imperial, model building with pleat front and side buttons. Pleasant contrast between prints that is created with the top black striped white, with high collar.

Imperial baggy pants, skirt, sweater

‘classic and elegant dark gray coat , cut flared and flared at the bottom, with two-button closure. And ‘worn with black dress that we have already seen in his red option at the beginning of article, and with a pair of leggings in black leather.

Everywhere, the black suit Imperial perfect for autumn, not too light nor overly heavy, with top shirt with long sleeves and slacks, with side pockets.

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Simple and a little ‘vintage red dress with polka dots blacks, cut sixties, short sleeves and round neck.

Imperial black suit, clothes

About red clothes, here are two models are very pretty! On the left, the ‘ red dress with micro optical print has a design sharp and clean, broken by crossing vertical and horizontal black. Flared skirt and short sleeves compliment.

On the right, the mini dress is simple and therefore suitable for many situations, marked waist and pleated skirt.

red clothing Imperial 2016

Let’s talk about oversized with gray top short sleeves combined with palazzo pants Imperial, blacks and knee-length, with side pockets. The coat striped Imperial follows the trend, with kimono sleeves, collar and three buttons as lacing.

Romantic and refined, the dress black lace voiced is wonderful, with long sleeves and transparent semi-fitting cut.

Imperial coat, shorts, black dress

Another spearhead of the collection is the black dress with underskirt brocade silver and black. The design is really minimal, with no sleeves and bodice side seams visible, waists, and bell-shaped skirt that opens. But the bottom of the latter gives a gem of class!

Imperial black dress and gold


Designed for younger and for clothing casual, denim line Imperial is varied and very aggressive, as evidenced by the same campaign images, which has as its background the metropolitan environment.

The cardigan white fur Imperial is soft multi use, if well combined can be very elegant, but in this case it is worn as casual head. Three-quarter sleeves, round neck, no lacing.

Imperial white fur

The use of soft fabrics is recurrent in this selection of garments, we see for example in the gray jacket that simulates the effect of a vest, but has short black leather, as well as profiles. It ‘a top worn with black tulle and a pair of jeans Imperial to light wash, very damaged and torn, slim fit.

‘ instead a real fur vest white one on the right, a head totally urban chic, especially when paired with dark jeans and skinny, with washing to gray, and a pair of court shoes with heels

Jeans Imperial autumn winter

Effect cracked for the white top and black with asymmetric hem, worn with a nice black cardigan Imperial, with ruffles at the edges, and a pair of skinny jeans with darker fabric inserts that create a play of diagonal movement.

Imperial jeans autumn winter 2015 2016

They are very similar gray jeans Imperial autumn 2015 that we see in the picture left, this time with inserts tonal, in combination with a black jacket in fur with leather sleeves, and a black top semi transparent.

On the right, the black version of the printed vest that we have seen in white, warm and versatile, worn with gray jeans super tight and slightly faded print.

Vest fur Imperial

Maxi black cardigan in wool with leather trim and frill edges, black top and jeans shiny effect and python for this outfit almost totally black! The knit cardigan can obviously be used as outerwear, especially in the fall.

Imperial black cardigan

On the left we show the winning combination black top Imperial winter 2015, in this case with Lurex yarn, cardigan soft black, and light jeans Imperial, with tears and applications darker all over.

On the right we see the jeans blacks Imperial, washed out and damaged, with darker spots to handle the surface. Are worn with beautiful black jacket in skin smeared with soft fur interior and super hot! We see it in more detail in the image below.

Imperial ripped jeans

Imperial black fur coat



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