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Essence and Pandora Moments: Jewels autumn 2015

Color delicate Crystal sparkling and design more beautiful and innovative : discover with us the wonderful news Fall 2015 lines silver jewelry and .


Pandora Essence is the most basic line, just like the name implies, the Danish home that since 1982 produces silver jewelry 925 by affordable and the unique style, while Moments is the most unique and intriguing, beloved for its charms and decorations great class.

As surely you remember Pandora has a concept really interested because it allows, regarding the bracelets that are the top of the line items, maximum personalization thanks to the wide selection of boules and charms by a thousand and one meanings and represent the best moments of our lives.

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The Pandora range but does not include only the bracelets Silver , but also many other jewelry fascinating asrings, necklaces and earrings : Let’s find a preview with this article full of live photos!


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