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Duvets Max Mara winter 2015 2016: Photo and Prices

When we go looking for duvets and heavy jackets for the , it is very easy to decide to rely on products Made in Italy of high quality bringing together the price and the invoice of excellence to achieve the purpose inherent in a leader like this: warm up . Max Mara is just one of these realities, and with this article we will dedicate the right space to proposals within the down jackets for winter .

The Italian fashion house of which we speak was founded in 1951 in Emilia Romagna, with the desire to produce women’s clothing of high level, a goal reached 100%. Simplicity and precision, clean cuts and strict lines: the brand’s success is immediate and lasting, so that today the shops are more than two thousand around the world!


Max Mara collection down jackets winter 2015 2016 first minimal . It is in shapes, patterns and shades, but clearly not in the details. Provides leaders looking extremely classic and sober, quilted and almost always reversible , in dark colors or neutral, except for a few notes of color more access.

Double use of these creations comes in different solutions, we are going to discover them all enjoying the photo catalog and glancing at

 Quilts Max Mara 2015 2016


We begin to find out what the proposed Max Mara with classic models and suitable for all. The down jacket green , for example, has clean lines and very clean, it is goose down and double nylon anti drip and micro taffetas, slightly flared at the bottom.

In the photo we show its reversibility : the sleeves can be worn long or short, and the head no longer has the appearance quilted, but smooth. From both sides of the closure it is with snaps, and is equipped with belt tonal (price € 525.00).

Max Mara duvet green

This is now a touch of color with the down jacket red Max Mara, we also see that the center blue . The nylon fabric is drip quilted diamond pattern, the pattern can be worn with or without a belt, and in this case the sleeves are detachable at the elbow (cost of € 498.00).

The down jacket brown gold, however, is in goose down and double satin fabric iridescent quilted horizontally. It is a reversible model, with classical belt and belt; smaller and darker. The closure is zip, also comes in black and costs 565,00 Euro.

duvets Max Mara 2016

I like the models with hood? Look at the down jacket blue nylon fabric quilted with anti drop two different reasons, with button closure decentralized (sold at 545,00 Euro).

 hooded down jacket Max Mara

Let’s look at three models with lines that recall the design of the parka. The down jacket black of medium length, on the left, is a plain but revived from curling waist and hood that creates movement on the neck. Double satin fabric, is reversible and equipped with two different belts (available at € 655.00).

down jacket long blue MaxMara is moire anti drop with hood and side pockets, reversible and smooth on the other side (for sale at € 675.00). Same features for the down jacket black to the right, with high collar and hood, detachable sleeves and zipper: a model very comfortable and large (cost of 545.00 euros).

 Max Mara duvets

Look at that cute pink comforter with its white version filmed, a reversible model that gives the ability to have two quite different in one! High collar, side lacing with buttons and volume hood is moire and nylon, with little belt to mark the waist (cost of 495.00 euros).

 Max Mara pink comforter

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If you look for a proposal without sleeves, we show in the photo white duvet medium length, also available in black. E ‘it equipped with hood, double belt and button closure. It is also reversible, with a smooth side (price € 425.00).

At the center, the down jacket black short Max Mara. His belt curled and with metal differs from the other, but otherwise the quality is the same: goose down, drop resistant fabric, detachable sleeves, reversibility (sold at 565,00 Euro).

On the right we see the down jacket blue reversible and available in many colors, all with white interiors and smooth. The lacing is identical to that seen in the model pink, slightly to the side and with buttons. Belt, hood and removable sleeves complete the picture (cost of € 595.00).

sleeveless down jacket Max Mara


Here we are some of the proposals’ most special models with original and funny. The white duvet with fur trim, for example, has a smooth side profile mink, closes the side with buttons and has two belts in combination (the price of 1.490,00 Euro).

 Max Mara reversible duvet

The peculiarity of this duvet blue reversible is the inside fabric effect astrakhan with a beautiful pattern. The two belts are combined in opaque or glossy (cost of 715.00 euros).

black down jacket Max Mara

why black jacket Max Mara originality lies all in the second side, the black and white patterned, with profiles blacks who remember a kimono. And ‘in moire drip poplin and nylon also printed anti rain has hood and side pockets, detachable sleeves and double belt (sold at € 765.00).

 Quilts Max Mara

Cute and super young down jacket purple Max Mara, short and with rhombus quilting, contrasting with little belt and hood. As one can see from the picture, the model is reversible and has a smooth side rose. It ‘also available in coral pink with the same interior, or green and blue, or blue and blue, at a price of 495.00 Euro.

purple down jacket Max Mara

Talking about bright colors, here is the down jacket green turquoise, with the inside checkered whites and blacks. This model, goose down, has all the features of the previous, and is also available in red and pink (cost of € 444.00).

 Max Mara duvet green

Type similar, but longer cut, the down jacket blue has reversible smooth white interior, zip and little belt to the waist (sold € 545.00).

On the right, the simple down jacket dark blue without hood, with smooth side in the same color scheme, double belt and lacing with hidden buttons (available at € 370.00).

blue down jacket Max Mara


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