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Couture Week: Impressive Black Women Hairstyles in 2017

With the couture week in Paris we finished, we turn our eyes on the best hairstyles for black women for spotted on large models walk the catwalk design. Paris is the source of admiration solutions and unbelievable fairy tale both in clothes and hairstyles. With each year, with each show more and more blacks models are involved to make the most lively and appealing collection. forest harvesting Jean Paul Gaultier’s not look that impressive unless the blacks models – the authentic carriers of sandwich braided hairstyles and braids. Atelier Versace aggressive elegance that will not be very vivid unless the famous black ladies on the track, creating the contrast and integrity necessary nowadays.

All the fashion week designers have introduced hair solutions for the types of African American hair and now we will see through them to define the main hair trends 2017 for women of color .

# 1 black women braids hairstyles 2017 Couture

Jean Paul Gaultier black women braids hairstyles 2017

What can be more fitting hair blacks curly hairstyles vertigo intertwined? Well, the braids are the most common styles, box braids, twists, cornrows as models by Giambattista Valli, or bun braided hairstyles like J.P. models Gaultier. Time passes, but some things remain the same, and the hair braids for black women is one of them.

# 2 Center Track parted hairstyles for black women

Christian Dior in 2017 the center parted hairstyles for black women

Hair central part is definitely the trend for next year. So many models, so many collections were accompanied with the central parts and it is no surprise that for black women are also fashionable and popular. Dior and Valentino looks are proof of this.

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# 3 color women short natural hairstyles in 2017

The slogan of recent seasons and the current bing naturalness in it seems, we got to that black women should not suffer wit their long braids, s difficult to manage and live with. Especially blacks models always oblige to wear long braids to keep up with the fashion world. Fortunately, trends have come to short hairstyles for black women. Very short, naturally curly, as the hair Maria Borges. They look authentic, beautiful and are very manageable.

# 4 black women updo hairstyles Couture shows autumn 2016

Elie Saab fashion slicked hairstyles black women in 2017

And there are some cute updo hairstyles for black women who are still with long hair. Chanel cute extremely high bun curly hairstyles can be taken by any curly girl effortlessly. Versace has easy Chignon solutions are updated with ice blue eyeliner, and Elie Saab goes for hairstyles more elegant bun.

Now you know the blacks hair trends for the coming 2016-2017 autumn / winter and can easily start ASTER your skills.


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