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Collistar + Nude makeup collection Autumn 2015

The trick there is, but not seen. The make up for the ‘ 2015 is tinged with a’ sophisticated normality ‘, taken from the runways of high fashion, which is expressed by make-up artist with textures and colors that are not seen but there and they are hatching a evanescent perfection .

Perfection which is enhanced and appropriated by the new makeup autumn winter 2015 + . The ‘more’ depicts the interpretation of a makeup flawless that is here sublimated to the nth degree and translated into a myriad of makeup products to face a fresher, brighter eyes, lips and younger .

 collection collistar bare +

 + collistar bare autumn 2015


The tendency to clean faces , nude lips, eyes barely touched by a wire light mascara and a skin perfectly smooth , had already fallen in love all the runways last spring and summer. But with the cold season that the mood naked become the makeup trend to ride at all costs: discover together in detail all the products of the line Collistar Nude +

 Margareth Madè collistar make up

SHADOW MAGIC (price 18.00 €)

Eyeshadow Collistar from the special liquid formulation , which gives depth to the eye, giving unprecedented sensory experience to the touch. The creamy texture melts on the eyelid exalting with pure pigments and unpublished reflexes : the various colors eyeshadow Magic can be used alone or in superposition with other colors in cream or powder.

Mild, impalpable and easy to blend, this special eye shadow files a thin film to blend with your fingers that adheres to the bottom, smoothing and camouflaging every imperfection , remaining intact throughout the day. Here are the details of the four shades in the collection Nude +:

01 Pearl , golden sand;
02 Nude , caramel;

 collistar magic eyeshadow

03 Chiffon , delicate pink;
04 Bronze , brown bronze intense.

 collistar magic eyeshadow


The trend nude requires a look clean and bright : to open and enlarge the eye, Collistar offers a new shade of Professional Pencils Eyes , rosy from the finish slightly pearly, a mat that enhances light eyes and dark. Ideal for sketching the outline and internal rhyme, gives great luminosity , brightens and enhances the look: if necessary, the soft texture and moisturizing can be modulated and lightened with ‘special smudge included.

 pencil professional eyes collistar


An industry first that complements the existing range, Collistar presents the new Camouflage Concealer : ensuring an extraordinary performance, the creamy texture and elastic instantly blends with the skin, correcting and camouflaging impeccably every imperfection. A real jewel product, available in three gradations of color , which ensures a ‘ high coverage , but at the same time is super comfortable, natural and bright : also this new Collistar concealer lasts extreme and is waterproof .

camouflage concealer collistar

+ FOUNDATION CORRECTOR (price € 33.00)

Uniformity, smoothness, brightness: the beloved Foundation + Collistar concealer , which contains in one pack everything you need for a basic facial perfect, returns to be talked about in this fall collection.

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His pigments ‘intelligent’ in fact interpret the mood of the nude look with the introduction of a range of new shade , versatile and universal, which enhances every complexion, ensuring long held , water resistance and sunscreen, thanks to ‘ SPF 15 , treating it thoroughly for the presence of precious pure active . The new Nude shades 3.1 + , which enriches the line already for sale, gives the skin luster and radiance to the nth degree.

 foundation + concealer collistar

SCULPTING BLUSH + (price 28 , 50 euro)

The collection Nude Collistar tells of an absolute perfection that starts from the face: the oval becomes a real backdrop to mold and sculpt. For this purpose born Sculpting Blush + , the new face powder Collistar that includes a single wafer earth and illuminating , perfect to give new volumes and new geometries to the face using the technique of chiaroscuro.

 earth sculpting collistar

The clear highlights, lights, emphasizes, the dark shades, refines, smoothes and gives depth: working in synergy, for two contrasting shades in the wafer to create a profile female face in relief . A unique product refined aesthetic and elegant, collectable.

 collistar blush + scultpting

LIPS FOUNDATION (price € 16.00)

The trendy make up the look naked recalls perfection even as regards the mouth, to be subtly enhanced by makeup. Collistar thus presents another novelty: the Foundation Lip Perfection Natural hi-tech product rich in active, that protects, moisturizes and performs an anti action age , as well as make-up discreetly and naturally.

Available in two shades in the collection Collistar make-up autumn 2015, this innovative product evens of the lips and allows fully enhance any gloss or lipstick applied on top, ensuring a longer life.

 foundation lips collistar


A classic beloved by makeup addicts of all ages, back in the mouth of all the range of Vibrations of Color Lipstick Collistar , in the name of a natural softness told four new colors bonton , which emphasize sensuality and fullness of the lips.

The new shades are declined in three shades of lightness and elegance absolute, with the nuances of the Naked, Biscuit and Light Pink , while the color Marsala asks loudly irrepressible sensuality and femininity. Four new shades extraordinary, by experiment and the second alternate ‘ mood and occasion, in perfect harmony with the new range of enamels Cashmere Satin Effect.

lipstick color vibrations collistar  collistar-nude-620-2


The desire for delicate naturally also reflected manicure: for autumn 2015 Collistar proposes a new line of nail, that is integrated with a range dedicated to the nude look . Four soft colors and delicate with a sensual twist: the enamels Cashmere Satin Effect reinvent the concept of naked, banishing any effect lacquer, but choosing instead a satin finish , with an effect material reminiscent of the most precious and soft cashmere.

collistar enamels cashmere


The magnificent collection make up Collistar Nude will be on sale from September 2015 at the best perfume and : a beautiful online shop that offers frequently offers , gifts and costs of shipment free. Also, if you sign up to the site, you will immediately receive a good discount of 10 € on the first purchase!

What do you think? There attracts new makeup line dedicated to the nude look? Waiting for your opinions!


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