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Collistar Magic Mask Self Tan: Review, opinions

You are as white as milk and want to give you a healthy glow ? Or you come back from vacation and want to keep your tan longer?

Collistar has thought of you with the self-tanning Regenerating Night!


The Mask Self-Tanning Collistar has been studied by the cosmetics Milan to give the skin in one night ‘a weekend of sun’ . With this definition in fact, the Italian brand not only refers to a effect of ‘colored skin’ , but also to the benefits and regenerating of a holiday weekend, by treating the grain and tone of the skin.

The question we all ask is: this product really work? Find out with our with photos, product testing and personal ! Self-Tanning Magic Mask Collistar Regenerating


Mask Collistar comes in a white tube with cap bronze and has a practical format of 50 ml , similar to the Mask Ultra Fast Collistar , one of my face masks absolute favorite , which I think has an effect similar to that of this new version.

The mask self-tanner has immediately caught my attention because it promises a double function: regeneration , then going to act on the appearance of the skin, but also self-tanning , giving the complexion a more intense color.

Self-Tanning Collistar Magic Mask

In addition, it is a product to be applied before bedtime made me do the jumping for joy: I love this type of face mask because during the hours of night rest the skin regenerates and is more responsive to treatment, so I thought it would really do to my case, going to make my face more toned and soft well tanned.

How to use it?

As you apply the Mask Magic? On skin perfectly clean and dry it is recommended to apply a small amount of cream on your face, just his hands, which then must be washed with abundance.

The texture is smooth and soft and blends well with the skin. My biggest fear in the use of a form like this is to not draw properly the product, but I find the texture really easy to work . In addition, for a more homogeneous it is advisable to apply Mask Collistar Magic even on the neck , which I did with pleasure because they generally tend to be white on that area even after days and days under the Sun .

 Self-Tanning Collistar Mask

The texture is that of a cream, while The scent is very nice , and just like a common cream dries very quickly (just a few minutes) and disappears on the skin. Therefore not from any discomfort during the night, does not move on the pillow and does not melt (even though I tested particularly cool nights, so I can not vouch held under very muggy).

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To test thoroughly the result , I took a picture in the morning before using. In the evening I then applied the mask Collistar before going to sleep.

 collistar magic mask self-tanning

In the morning I noticed with great pleasure a skin firm, toned and light and also slightly more colorful. In this sense I loved from the first moment the effect, because my tan post holiday was now faded and I saw myself immediately better (even though they were 7am), also large pores and fine lines were almost gone.

To remove the mask from her face simply a little water , which is useful to eliminate residues and tone the skin further. After removing the mask Collistar I could appreciate the healthy complexion and slightly tanned , not at yellow, orange or artificial!

In the picture basic face is natural , I added only blush on the cheeks.

collistar magic mask self-tanning

As recommended by Collistar I began to use self-tanning Regenerating Mask Magic a few times week to maintain this even tan and light that this time of year I really appreciate!

 Self-Tanning Collistar Regenerating Mask


We come all’INCI. Among the ingredients of Self-Tanning Regenerating Mask Collistar highlight components moisturizers, anti aging and liftanti as hyaluronic acid and aloe juice , but also ‘ excellent antioxidant, the Vitamin E as well as argan oil , walnut and jojoba oil that make skin soft, healthy and elastic , minimizing the signs of aging.

 Self-Tanning Collistar Mask


The price of Collistar Magic Mask Self Tanning is about 26 € for a 50 ml bottle. Where to Buy? In the best perfume and website Collistar, always active with special promotions, discounts and freebies. As the site of the Douglas perfumeries, of this page , which offers free shipping for orders equal to or above 25 €.

There inspires Mask Self-Tanning Collistar ? Let me know what you think and if you have not tried I suggest you give it a chance: your skin will thank you!


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