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Chanel Fall Winter 2015 2016: Photos and prices

After the delicious novelty Prada and Dior , it’s time to discover the collection handbags fall 2016 ! As always when we talk about this great brand, class and originality combine to create couture creations that do not go unnoticed.

Chanel fashion house Paris founded in the early twentieth century (1909) dall’amatissima and super famous Coco , it has always specialized in the luxury goods , and is one of the brands more recognizable worldwide. Who does not have this symbol Double C cross ? Emblem of ‘ elegant absolute, Coco Chanel revolutionized the world of high fashion!


From the Classic bags super elegant and simple, the colorful Boy Chanel , some models are inevitable and the French fashion house is not going to deprive us! Proposals for autumn rely on these cornerstones, then venture into interesting news .

Chanel handbags fall 2015

As for the latter, the Color does not turn away from what It is the mood of the season, with lots of grays, blues and blacks, but the models are characterized by the beautiful and special processing of the fabric . The quilted leather is always present, flanked by tweed, fur, rhinestones, beads and animal .

Chanel bags pre fall 2015

Let’s find out all proposals for Chanel bags pre fall 2015, we look at the photo and peeked prices!


As we said, it is inevitable pattern Boy Chanel. For the fall season arriving, the Parisian brand offers two types of shoulder, one in velvet, and a patent leather. The Boy Chanel blue and Boy Chanel yellow that we show in the photo are precisely in velvet, with a note quilted broken edged geometric (price € 2,940). The shoulder strap and closure are in silver metal. In the same picture we see the bigger size, in red (cost of 3,100 Euro).

Boy Chanel Velvet

The version in patent leather gives us the Boy Chanel blue , the model of medium size, with smooth, detailed metallic closure effect scratched and ruined (for sale in 3,720 Euro). This bag is also available Black , while Boy Chanel red in the picture is the smaller size (price of 3,420 Euro).

Chanel boy paint

Boy Chanel autumn


‘velvet bag also Chanel Classic , red or black , with quilted pattern. These delicious models are equipped with a chain strap interwoven with the fabric, and close with metal mechanism hidden from the double C logo (available at € 3060).

classic Chanel autumn 2015

In their simplicity and cleanliness, they are enriched with useful external pocket on the back . A bag minimalist, chic and comfortable!

Chanel classic red


For the new Autumn 2015, Chanel is focusing on the use of tissues different. The blue bag is smooth leather with quilted, an elegant model that ends with the flap logoed and that comes with shoulder strap (cost € 2750).

Do you like bags knit? Look how funny the black shoulder in tweed, with white marks and seams diamond (sold at € 2,290), and beige bag and blue , but always Tweed processing with effect houndstooth (available in 2,190 Euro).

Chanel fabric bags

An alternative version of the model we have just seen is this black bag Chanel tweed , slightly smaller and with a different flap (cost 2,980 euros). Once again characterized by stitching quilt effect, tone on tone, this bag is embellished on the application and closing metal contrast.

Chanel fabric shoulder strap

Very similar, the black shoulder soft leather takes the game to the typical rhombus fashion house, in this case the lines are ‘pressed’ on the surface (for sale 3,400 €). Again, detailed metallic mock ruined decorates the front.

shoulder strap in black quilted Chanel

The chain strap is woven with black skin, also find here the comfortable external pocket on the back.

black quilted Chanel bag

Nuances details and interesting for the gray bag (available in 3,350 Euro) and blue bag Chanel (for sale 3,000 €), the same pattern but with different dimensions. This proposal is in textured leather with quilted stitching, the design is very basic and simple, a model to be worn over the shoulder or by hand. The precious detail is the handle lizard.

gray quilted Chanel bag

gray Chanel bag

Let’s look at a proposal largest, here is the shopper blue Chanel leather, with double handle and metallic details, with a particular flap closure hidden inside (price of 3,600 Euro).

Chanel bag blue

The same material but small size for the leather bag of the new Chanel catalog, available in black, with chain strap and flap closure classic that covers almost the entire front (cost 2,750 euros). The brown bag we see in the photo is slightly larger version, it costs € 2,800.

Chanel black shoulder

All three of these models quilted have the characteristic of having the smooth sides and enriched a buckle which regulates the ability.

Chanel shoulder autumn winter

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If models are bowling for you, these two proposals will like! The blue bag and red handbag Chanel winter 2015 in shiny quilted, with sides and smooth handle, illuminated by the double C metal and also equipped with chain strap braided (sold respectively to € 4,300 and € 3,690).

Chanel quilted bag bowling

Their peculiarity lies in the double opening zip, with two different lengths. Elegant even the metal plate at the base of the handle, with embossed logo.

Chanel quilted bag


Now for the old models and the most original. In this we show you the Camera Bag red , leather and logo and pattern created by stitching, enriched with red edges in relief and side black contrast (price € 2140).

Other than all the others, the black bag to the right is satin quilted top with grosgrain, which are applied on the rings to the shoulder strap, woven tape (cost € 2200) . Aesthetically very similar, but smaller and leather, the white bag Chanel is very pretty, also because of the 3D seam at the top, which creates the detachment with the black surface with logo (available at 2,400 € ).

Chanel clutch 2015

Fan dell’animalier is your moment, the next proposal is a python clutch black, with closure profiled rigid, equipped with a shoulder strap. The surface alternates different patterns, both quilted (for sale 4,680 €).

shoulder strap Chanel python

You can decide which side to give more importance, because the opposite side there is a simple python surface black leather .

shoulder strap in black Chanel

They are original and decidedly winter creations that we show now in the picture! The blue bag Fur and pink bag Chanel below consist of a soft part in Orylag, a particular variety of Lapin, and a leather base, you see side (price of 3,490 Euro). The pink version of the model is illuminated by a precious brooch side (cost of 4,150 Euro)!

Chanel bag fur

Compact and super rock, the clutch black leather from the square shape is really beautiful! The flap is embellished with many small metallic Chanel logos applied to the intersections of the seams that run through the area, also the sides are further illuminated by the game of rings featuring the edges. And ‘with shoulder strap metal and costs 5,450 euros.

Softer design and less aggressive, the black clutch Chanel leather has a blunt shape at the corners, sides with red bordeaux , shoulder strap and snap closure (available in 3,200 Euro).

Clutch black Chanel Fall 2015

The same identical form to the clutch in alligator black, which incorporates all the features the previous model, except for the sides in conflict that are not present in this case.

We remain within the animal with the python shoulder blue metallic effect, model Boy Chanel Typical edge, and with surface embroidered with sequin inserts. Creating a unique and precious, enriched by metal clasp with double C.

Chanel clutch coconut

About models super precious, here is the clutch bag with rhinestones , and black versions gray! Applications create the diagonal pattern Chevron said the alternation of small diamonds and larger. Very light, this model with leather base closes with flap and goes shoulder.

The same can be said of the bag with sequins , golden or black. The effect recreated for these bags Chanel is very special because the sequins are applied over one another, as many small scales (price of 4,450 Euro). The brilliant effect is maintained even on the shoulder, with a woven cloth tape lurex.

Chanel clutch rhinestone 2015


We end the section devoted to the proposed pre fall with two large models. The beige bag Chanel is very large and spacious, quilted fabric, with handles and leather trim with contrast. It closes with a double zipper (cost of 2,600 Euro).

Below we see the exact same pattern but in black, applied to a base which turns it into a trolley , comfortable and elegant. Once again, the bag is a canvas with leather handles and details (for sale at 4,000 euros).

Trolley Chanel 2015


A preview for what will be the autumn winter 2015 2016 comes through show and looks proposed runway. The models are very original, ranging from large bags and roomy, with creations from lead mainly by hand, compact .

The common thread that unites them is experimenting on fabrics with shiny materials to do the masters, worked with 3D effect.

Chanel purse shiny autumn winter

But it is not only required a type of bag of course, the 2015 winter 2016 models will feature even more classic and super stylish, with gold trim, fabric houndstooth print, quilted leather or woven. All proposals which combine well with the clothes and shoes, for a super glamorous look that always fall in love with women all over the world.

Chanel clutch autumn winter 2015 2016

Chanel bag houndstooth autumn winter 2015 2016

Chanel classic handbags fall winter


You can buy beautiful bags Chanel in all the single-brand boutiques of the Parisian fashion house, to find the store near you, and to know all the details and prices, please visit.

What do you think of the new collection? You like these proposals Chanel?

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