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Chanel Clutch Bag, Cosmetic Bag: Photos and prices

After you intrigued by showing you the handbags and wallets , here is an article devoted entirely to other accessories that can not miss in the closets of the lovers of the fashion . Discover all the clutch and cosmetic bag Chanel for the cold season and delicious classic!

The house of French high fashion has proposed a collection characterized games materials and skins purely winter, played down to Color lively and lit , always consistent with the elegant and luxury brand, recognized worldwide. An international reputation that the brand has its Parisian founder Coco Chanel .

 Cosmetic handbags and clutch Chanel

Let’s see in detail all of the photos and the prices of cosmetic bag and clutch Chanel!


Let’s start off with the alternative to classic big day bags: the clutch . A bag small and compact , designed specifically for women who like to carry only the necessary and suitable for the evening outings. Let’s dive to discover the proposals of the French luxury brand!

Velvet for this model electric blue, color eccentric who can break the monotony of winter looks, usually dark. Closing logoed and long chain interwoven with the fabric, with a difference: the external pocket on the back of the bag (€ 1570).

 Velvet Chanel bag

 Chanel bag Electric Blue

For those who want to intense nuances despite rain, cold or snow, the French fashion house offers this fuchsia clutch Velvet removable chain . The small rings on the sides of the bag and snap hooks allow you to wear this accessory as you like, on the shoulder or hand (1,370 €).
Chanel Clutch Fuchsia

 Velvet Pouch Chanel

Tiny , almost pocket, this version coral closed with zip a long chain, which is also removable. What differentiates this clutch than the other, besides the size, is the central band with the famous symbol of high fashion brand French (920 euros).

 Chanel Mini Clutch

 Small clutch Chanel


For the cold season the Parisian brand is generous of colors and materials. Exotic in line are, in fact, the clutch nuanches changing and skins only ones that are sure to become your unique collector!

 Chanel Clutch 2015 Winter 2016

A magnetic effect, almost holographic to this line skin shagreen , leather shark extremely strong , considered a luxury material. Let’s look closely at what’s new in this line for autumn winter.

 Chanel Leather Pouch

This version of anthracite , a color that only adds to the colorful and bright shades of the central flap. Fine, simple and classy, ​​a bag unique (price 2,780 Euro).

Chanel Clutch Anthracite

 Grey Chanel bag

Another prestigious leather that not He could not miss in the catalog Chanel is the python; brand surrender willingly to his plot quilted to give space to great games geometric snake skin (3,900 euros).

Chanel Clutch Python

 Animal Print Bag

For the real pink lady here is a model pink baby leather alligator edged clean, squared and linear and equipped with a practical Pocket Additional . We can not show you the price of this clutch as it is on request, but we imagine it’s a staggering figure!

Leather Skin Alligator  Pink Chanel Clutch


To complete the collection Chanel winter 2015 2016 cosmetic bag : sachets declined in various fabrics and colors in pendant with clutch and handbags that the French brand has proposed for next winter. Comfortable and functional, these boxes can contain cheats, drugs or jewelry at our discretion; for these wonderful models, the ease goes up with the ‘ elegant .

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Chanel cosmetic bag is divided into two types: the model Pliè and the packet. This is the classic bag with zipper, while the former is larger, folded on itself and has two purposes hinges. Here we go into the details.

The first example of cosmetic bag Pliè is the line in Velvet in fuchsia, which we have previously shown in the clutch . The fabric creates this effect that emphasizes very lightly padded quilted texture. The precious detail is, as always, the golden logo (price € 1075).

 Chanel Cosmetic Bag Fuchsia

 Busta Velvet Chanel

All the fabric is also available in great color Black in the template to packet (cost 625 euros).

Trousse Bag Black


Let’s go back again to the clutch, but this time we focus on models of the permanent line , always available at any time of the year. The first proposal that we show is the most classic and famous not only by professionals; This is the clutch quilted leather in this beautiful matte tone red off .

The mini Chanel bag is equipped with a long shoulder strap with braided leather ruby, different interior compartments and two zip. A clutch compact, sophisticated and well-organized spaces; This catalog also Black (1740).

 Chanel Clutch Red

 Chanel Bag with Zip

Bag Black Leather Chanel

They instead part of the series Emblem these models only available in black version. The name of the line was not chosen at random, but points out the main feature of these clutch: the Chanel logo quite visible on the front flap of the bags.

Here in photo is a model from the original leather, with a Plot clear and relief ; it is textured leather which was then stamped on the symbol of the double crossed C (1,520 euros).

 Chanel leather bag

 Black Leather Clutch Chanel

On the contrary, we can see the uniqueness of this model just by looking inside. A fabric from color pop , a perfect blend between red and pink , lining the interior and creates a strong contrast with black bag.

As in the other clutch of the classic line, we find zip pockets and small port cards, while the exterior is decorated by the logo paint especially decentralized on the right side (cost 1730).

 Chanel bag Logo

 Chanel bag Logo

Let us finally the last model, this beautiful clutch embossed leather that does not have the classic quilted stitching, but beautiful decorations in the shape of Camelia , flower, symbol of the French brand that with its shining white adorns all packages packaged in Chanel boutique. Afterwards also the version in red (1730 price).

Chanel Clutch Camelia

 Stock Exchange Camellias

 clutch Chanel Camelia


The collection of Chanel clutch bag and cosmetic bag is available in the flagship store French fashion house. You should visit the official website and look for the boutique of the Parisian brand closest to you or buy directly from the online shop. You can discover the entire range of small leather Chanel.

What are the clutch that make you daydreaming? Which model do you like best? Waiting for your opinions!


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